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Late '60s Classic Roster Set uploaded.


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Late '60s Classic Roster Set V1.0 has been uploaded. This is the follow on to the Early '60s Classic Roster Set and will eventually be followed by the '70s Classic Roster Set.

Below is the included Readme.txt file:

Late '60s Classic Roster Set Version 1.0


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Robert Glass for his spectacular program

"MVPEdit". Without it these Classic Rosters would have never been completed.

Also to the many other Modders who's contributions really make these Classic Rosters seem

to come to Life. Those include the talented works of Sandman, AlexTony, Capa2000, FuzZ,

Cartersyard and so many others.

This Late '60s Classic Roster Set contains:

68 PIT Pirates 64 NYY Yankees

65 CIN Reds 68 DET Tigers

69 ATL Braves 65 CLV Indians

67 SFG Giants 69 WAS Senators (Tampa Bay)

69 NYM Mets 65 LAA Angels

65 LAD Dodgers 67 BOS Red Sox

67 STL Cardinals 65 CWS White Sox

66 PHL Phillies 67 MIN Twins

69 CUB Cubs 69 BAL Orioles

66 HOU Colt.45s 66 KCA Athletics

70 SDP Padres 72 KCR Royals

70 MON Expos 74 TEX Rangers

70 MIL Brewers XX SEA Mariners

XX ARZ D'backs XX TOR Blue Jays

XX COL Rockies

*** The "XX" Teams Rosters consist of Players from the Early '60s that were either not

primary players on the above selected Teams or were players on other Teams during the

Early '60s and are not represented in the above selected Teams. The SDP, MON, MIL, KCR,

& TEX Teams are represented with their earliest selected Team closest to the Late '60s


Every Player on each Teams rosters are represented. Those that aren't in the Majors

are in that Teams AAA Affiliate. The "XX" Teams also have players in their AAA.


Faces are finished in this Roster Set. These are not the players actual faces but rather

those faces available in the game that most closely represent that particular player.

Portraits are not part of this Classic Roster Set to maintain the announcement of a players

name during game play.

The typical 4th and 5th Starting Pitchers are placed in the Long Reliver Role to provide

them more appearances during Exhibition play. For Dynasty play I would suggest adjustments

be made.

The "Bat Selector" Mode was used with this Set. Thus all varities of Bats are used and

you should adjust accordingly to your game setup or you will experience every color bat

within the game. I used the Bat Selector Mod to use most common color and variety of bats.

All non '60s players in the Minors have been given very reduced ratings to minimize their

being called up to the Majors during Dynasty play.

Designated Hitter Lineups are merely filled for compliance reasons and are not meant to be


Players from the Early '60s Classic Roster Set that were in the Minors in that Roster Set

will also be found in a Team's AAA or AA affiliate.


Two Roster files are being provided. One .sav file for use directly with MVP Baseball 2004

& One .mbe file for use directly with MVPEdit.

A) For those that DO NOT use MVPEdit:

Unzip and move the "Late60sV1Rosters.sav" file into your MyDocuments/MVP Baeball 2004

: Directory. Then Load the "Late60sV1Rosters" Roster at game time via the "Load" Rosters

function under"Roster Management".

B) For those that DO use MVPEdit:

Unzip and move the "Late60sClassicRosterSetV1.0.mbe" file into your MVPEdit Directory.

Then Open the "Late60sClassicRosterSetV1.0" file directly into MVPEdit.

I very much would appreciate any and all, no matter how slight, suggestions from you on things

that should be considered for change. Things such as a particular players Batting Stance,

Pitchers Delivery, Number, Hair Color, Body Style, Assesories, Pitch Type, Face etc... If you

know about an individual player and how he should look in this game please let me know.

My desire is to make every player as close to his real life image as possible and can only

improve if you are willing to share your insight with me.

Take Care,

Don Cropper

New Orleans, LA


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I very much would appreciate any and all, no matter how slight, suggestions from you on things that should be considered for change. Things such as a particular players Batting Stance, Pitchers Delivery.....

RE: Pitchers Delivery.

All roster makers may want to pick up a copy of the new Bill James and Rob Neyer book, The Neyer/James Guide To Pitchers, An Historical Compendium Of Pitching, Pitchers, And Pitches. (Fireside, Simon and Schuster 2004)

The book lists the actual pitches thrown by most, though not all, pitchers that ever played in the major leagues going way back to late 19th century in some cases. In many cases it also spotlights a particular pitcher's motion, delivery etc. as well as making note of unique deliveries. (The recently passed Ted Abernathy's unique submarine style etc, etc.)

I found a copy at my local Borders for $16.95. Many roster makers, who do not already have the book or are not aware of it, may find it a valuable resource.

Thanks for the new late 60's roster. I love the 60's era. The era when I first learned to love the game and collect baseball cards

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Hi CardsFan4Ever,

Thanks for the info. Greatly appreciated.

I do have The Neyer/James Guide to Ptichers book. Unfortunately, I think I paid more than $16.95 but it is a very good reference.

I use it on a few select Pitchers for my own personal use after I release a Roster Set but not across the board. There are several reasons for this but I do highly recommend the use of that reference as you suggest.

The reasons I don't use it extensively are:

1st) the amount of time to research the large number of pitchers in a complete league roster set would be prohibitive in my opinion.

2nd) I have a fairly clear memory of the bulk of the pitchers from the '60s and early '70s and their Delivery Style. I have been a Baseball fanatic since the mid '50s. I do attempt to match each pitcher's style as best I can. Not nearly as clear on their pitch types however.

3rd) Most important though - is having a fairly in depth knowledge of how MVPEdit uses the Lahman Data Base statistics to derive the Pitchers ratings in MVP it would make it fairly difficult to maintain a fair representation of skills once adjusted individually. This is due mainly because MVPEdit formulas are based on representing a pitchers skill/talent using a combination of several satistics for a given skill/rating and it is represented by giving each pitcher 4 pitches that are "balanced" to reflect the derived skill/talent. Thus, many historical pitchers only used 3 primary pitches and many others used 5. So to change the number of Pitches in MVPEdit and maintain the consistency of the derived ratings would take a fair amount of calculations on each change. One thing to note is that MVPEdit gives every Pitcher 1st a Fastball & 2nd a Curveball (this is due simply to it being a fairly common factor amoungst Pitchers) then the 3rd and 4th Pitches assigned are randomly selected amoung the remaining Pitching Types. Then there is also a ratio of increased/decreased rating % between the 4 pitch types - meaning a Pitcher that for example might be a 2.3 rated pitcher doesn't have all 4 pitches reflect what a 2.3 rating would reflect. Without having the formulas in front of me it would go something like Pitch 1 = 2.4; Pitch 2 = 2.3; Pitch 3 = 2.25; Pitch 4 = 2.35 (or something relative to this?).

4th) MVP 2004 assigns a Slowest Speed and Fastest Speed per Pitch Type. But the spread of mph isn't equal for each Pitch. Some Pitches have only a 7 mph difference between their slowest and fastest pitches and others have as many as 18 mph differences (or something close?). MVPEdit does factor in a Pitchers skill/rating to determine where in this range his mph's would be best represented. Thus when one adjust a Pitcher by hand it certainly could be more accurate, I don't question that in the least, but it has a great degree of chance to alter the balance of how that Pitcher's ratings are based compared to the other Pitchers in a Roster Set.

Knowing that 100% accuracy can never be derived by using Baseball Statistics for assigning a Player a rating then the most important thing, in my opinion, is to represent and maintain the most consistency you can acheive within a Roster Set. I think that is what MVPEdit has done.

Believe me I fully realize there are many different opinions on this and I am always extremely interested in hearing opinions from others because I have learnt a great deal from other superb Classic Roster Set builders like AlexTony, Capa2000 and FuzZ - not to mention Robert Glass the creator of MVPEdit.

Boy! I got a bit long winded didn't I - But this is a subject I truly have a passion for and again Truly Appreciated your suggestion.



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There's so many "Thanks" that could be extended regarding Classic Team Rosters throughout this forum. Certainly, Mr. AlexTony, You would be "One" that would receive many of those well earned "Thanks". It has been so wonderful seeing all the Classic Roster interest and contributions from the many here on MVPMODS! What a joy !

Thank You,


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You have probably already done this but Ted Abernathy is now assigned a Delivery of Generic 10 which is a much better submarine style delivery than he had before. Actually he had only a sidearm style before using the Jeff Nelson Delivery. Abernathy is on both the Cubs & Royals Major League Team in that Late '60s Set and only on the Royals in the Early '60s Set. Thanks again for this improvement and hope you share more as you come across them.



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