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  1. AlexTony

    Dustin Ackley

    Hello Homer - looks good as always. Good to see some of the old gang still at it - and that the Mariners are in the hunt!
  2. Congratulations on getting this mod out!
  3. Jim (and Team classics), congratulations on this mod! I wonder how many will start a 35-5 record for the Tigers? If not they had the team to make up for a mediocre start (BTW those Blue Jays were also pretty decent that year - few remember this). Cubs fans will enjoy this Mod as well!
  4. Well said Mauer (I mean Veesmack !
  5. Does anyone have a solution for the PS3 version of 2K12? I got an idea/answer from KcityStar I believe a while back - but it was more for the PC version of the game. Is there a way to play the game - now it just tries to load (meaning out of the box). Any data appreciated...
  6. Thank Kccitystar. I will look into this... Amazing you buy the game as a gift and people cannot even play it out of the box!
  7. I just purchased a family member PS3 MLB2k12. When going to start the game, after loading, it simply does not start, it seems to freeze. After ridding some space (ex a couple other games) the 2K12 game seemed to have gotten a bit further along the starting phase - but still would not get to the actual game. Does the game need more space to work (ex rid more files), does the PS3 need an upgrade (it is an earlier version). I am not familiar with what this may be... thought someone here 'might' have some ideas
  8. Hey Trues - it has been awhile - but a belated Happy Birthday to you!
  9. Hello fellas! Ahhhhhh yes, the memories of the Mantle audio... 'Sounds' like you guys have it correct :good:
  10. As always "Egg sellent" work Homer! - Montgomery Burns, Springfield
  11. You are very wise in your stealth approach Mr. Banner (or is it Dr. Brown [aka as Dr. Bentley]) says Mr. McGee!
  12. Hey Homer Impressive work fellas! I have not been keeping up to date with any potential MVP EA 2011 mod but hopefully we can DL the season as we have done in the past (?)...
  13. On this end about 80% of the TC announced names are done with Vin as pbp.
  14. We are going to post a "Help Wanted" here in the next couple days for this project. It is alot of work and various members of Team Classics have things going on (as we all do) at this time. So, it will be for all audio work. Names, etc. Working on an "Instruction/How To" read me perhaps as part of some kind of DL sample to get the hang of it. IF anyone can practice and GET the nack for creating some names it would be greatly appreciated help. A finished "Legends in the Booth" will also take this mod to the next level (who knows the files may be used in the future elsewhere as well).
  15. Thanks Joel, you are well on the way here!!
  16. I have done alot of work on the audio in the past. Right now and for the forseen near future I will not have the time. The Harwell replacing Krukow is a great idea. The TC mods would get a HOF announcer with some of his "signature" calls. We really do not need to add Harwell last name audios. Just rid the Krukow ones. Oddly, he does not really say more than a handfull of names in a game. Several of us created so many Krukow last names for the TC mods and they are hardly ever heard. IF Joel can get some help with this we can ad Harwell to replace Krukow and this would really add to all the TC mods. I am just lobbying for some help for Joel and TC here :)
  17. Hmm, pretty nice maybe make the whole read its own seperate DL?
  18. Don, though you may think meaningless to most it will only take one to adhere to and be on his/her way to yet another Classic mod. Then more happy classic enthusiasts will surface Thanks for taking the time to post this data
  19. 543 downloads

    These two files add on to already in game announced LAST names. (roughly 350 including repeats) nothing has been created here just duplicated from in game stock Now audio and pics can be seen and heard for many classic players. Both must correspond with excell id list provided. Done of course via 'MVP Edit' A 'Thank You' to 'ALL' Total/team Classic participants for time spent and mods created a Thank You to to Trues, EA, RGlass and Fuzz and a special Thanks for helping make this mod possible to: Tony3: audio guru, who provided the initial direction and format to follow CyberPunkx: who added over 100 additional files and scientific' direction and thanks to jim825 for the layout of the excell id sheet
  20. 457 downloads

    Classic player pics from 1906 thru 2001. Used in conjuntion with 'Total Classics mod. Most players are on their respective teams via the 'Total Classic' rosters. Others can be mixed and matched to make different rosters. All are 128 x 128, 24 bit, 16 mil color ready to load via mvp edit. A Thanks to Trues, mvp mods, EA, RGlass, Peter Bernard, Rolie, PaulW, Stecropper, 69 yanks, Thome25, Sandman, Yanks763 and to ALL who helped bring 'Total Classic' together. And a SPECIAL Thanks to FuzZ
  21. the old 'cool papa bell' story by his team mate was that he was so fast that as he turned off the light switch in his bedroom he was in bed before the lights were off! :)
  22. 245 downloads

    Classic Portraits from 1980 thru 2001
  23. 164 downloads

    Classic Portraits from 1960 thru 1979
  24. 210 downloads

    Classic Portraits from 1906 thru 1959
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