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  1. Well July is upon us still no roster should be done by July 2021 if we are lucky
  2. I have one with the 2020 schedule in it I made off of 2019 Opening Day Roster 1.2.0 havent gotten the maker of that file to let me release it
  3. Hes also been promising a non stat release beta like 2 weeks ago i have done rosters myself and shared them at least when i say a timeframe i stick to it not halfway through the season
  4. dont hold you breath if the season was on time we would be near the all star break and nothing but updates wont see anything till the end of season in october or 2021
  5. welcome to the 2k14 2021 roster thread by the time this come out we will be in 2021
  6. no rush but any timeframe on the 2020 roster even if it a beta
  7. thats fine anyways I could get the .csv tables and I will input into roster the odd days off dont bother me thanks for the hard work
  8. any new news on the eta of the 2020 schedule
  9. Just wondering if their is a new roster with the 2020 schedule included available yet or if someone has 2020 schedule I could import myself
  10. sorry to ask but any info on a 2020 roster with the 2020 schedule in it
  11. great work on Chavis any way you can do a Sam Travis
  12. If you can Michael Chavis would be great
  13. What Photo ID`s are Poyner and Walden for the red sox if not any way you can add them please by the way nice work
    Nope it still crashes at the home run derby
  14. I have a copy for sale for 35.00 if interested send me a msgs
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