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  1. I think I get the jist of what you are saying. Is there more to the AI’s decision other than overall rating? It seems fairly straightforward to me but is there any evidence other criteria is used? You would definitely know more than I do here, could you flesh out what you are saying a bit more if I misunderstood? I have toyed around with just increasing MLB level pitcher overalls by mainly increasing the individual pitch ratings, the velocity, control, and movement of their pitches. Increasing their movement seems to impact a few things, and one that I had never seen before i
  2. I have begun trying to create a tiered rating system that will help the AI make more realistic decisions with roster management, lineups, and trades in franchise mode. This has been an issue with all rosters I have come across that I don't think is intentional, but more of someone trying to objectively rate individual players without consideration of how this influences the AI. Basically if we come up with scales for overalls, attributes and abilities for MLB->A ball, the AI can make better decisions that reflect a real world situation more accurately. For example. Many times
  3. This has morphed into something else all together for me. Playing with sliders is a lot of fun, but got into playing with player overalls, and some of the individual ratings. I did want to share the slider set as I have last revised it since I have enjoyed it and feel it really elevated the game for me. This set is modified from shoguns 25 anticipation set from operation sports, tweaked for the following anticipation ratings by position. I also did global edits to the roster i was using for 90 accelleration, 99 catcher block the plate. I hope others can enjoy this like I have.
  4. Players on all star teams are duplicates on the roster with separate ID attached to them. You have to edit this slots assigned to the all star teams.
  5. So I gotta issue a correction, this roster works in all game modes, I was mistaken on which one I was using. Definitely needs some work on accuracy but is fully functional. I was able to load up franchise and myPlayer modes. What did you make this off of?
  6. That looks freaking cool! Nice job
  7. Does look great. If you can send me a spreadsheet with player ID's and names I'll start putting together the stats tab and the stat ID's for the players tab for easy import. What base roster were you working from? Or did you start from scratch? I'm also working on some attribute changes and I came across something that maybe you or @Kccitystar could answer. I took a look at several rosters I have gotten from here in redditor including the vanilla roster. Checking out the fielding ability by position, AfldAat3b etc. and wondering why the strange values like 33.3 or 58.3. Look
  8. Started jumping back into this this week, as well as tweaking sliders accordingly. Started over kind of, resetting anticipaiton, accelleration, and block plate to 25, 99, and 99, and starting a new franchise using shoguns sliders for 25 anticipation. I'm an 16 games played in and have been tweaking every 3 games or so. Initially was seeing too many doubles, and moved all OF players to 45 anticipation as well as reducing player/cpu contact and power, player side more than the CPU with better results. After 3 different adjustments to anticipation, increasing slightly by position as needed, t
  9. That isn’t happening. So I tried completely clearing out the stats tab and any assignments on the players tab. Started from scratch and tried entering the stats for players with long careers like Bumgardner, Freeman and Marsalis. Bumgardner and Markakis show all now, and Freeman’s rookie season doesn’t show up. I did also export from xlxs format to csv before importing back into redditor. Wondering if I need to convert to the same exact format redditor uses when exporting tabs?
  10. Just the roster file going through players cards. I've backdated him so 2011= 2019 was starting in stats 2 and working down. I haven't input anything from 2020 season yet, just working on getting the implementation right with some stuff that was ready from your last roster beta. Just can't figure why some years don't show.
  11. Throwing this out there in case it is useful for anyone, but this is the spreadsheet I was filling out for player stats. Formatted for copy/paste into redditor. 2k20 Roster Stats.xlsx
  12. Oh yeah, I have been starting in stats 2 and leaving stats 1 untouched. The issue I'm having is in the picture below. Stats show up correctly but missing a year or 2 and I can't see any issues in excel on the lines that are not showing up in game.
  13. I gotta say, the first beta you released for 2k20 was great to see all game modes functioned perfectly, it was fantastic work. Sorry you had such a rough go last year, I hope this one has started out better for you. If I get what you are saying correctly, i need to get stats into the .Ros file, start a franchise, then copy the stats over to the fxg franchise file after for the game to begin compiling correctly? I had already started backdating stats to 2011 since it was established we couldn't do anything about date, so some of that is done as well. I need to figure out where I
  14. I'm happy to help with stats, and still have all the spreadsheets from the 2k20 roster and it would be fairly simple for me to reorder things to roster changes. I had 50% of team stats done, but now would need to ad 2020 stat lines.
  15. Cool thank you I will check it out.
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