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  1. Hi everyone, it has been a while, I know there’s no new roster news to be excited about. I have been working on creating more varied and realistic outcomes within the confines of the following known issues with the game. - starting pitchers being left in too long - lack of check swings called strikes - lack of AI batters being struck out looking. I don’t know if it was just me who noticed or experienced the last two. But I do know that most have noticed the issue with starting pitchers throwing 10-11 innings and I think I have found a workable so
  2. This has morphed into something else all together for me. Playing with sliders is a lot of fun, but got into playing with player overalls, and some of the individual ratings. I did want to share the slider set as I have last revised it since I have enjoyed it and feel it really elevated the game for me. This set is modified from shoguns 25 anticipation set from operation sports, tweaked for the following anticipation ratings by position. I also did global edits to the roster i was using for 90 accelleration, 99 catcher block the plate. I hope others can enjoy this like I have.
  3. So I gotta issue a correction, this roster works in all game modes, I was mistaken on which one I was using. Definitely needs some work on accuracy but is fully functional. I was able to load up franchise and myPlayer modes. What did you make this off of?
  4. Started jumping back into this this week, as well as tweaking sliders accordingly. Started over kind of, resetting anticipaiton, accelleration, and block plate to 25, 99, and 99, and starting a new franchise using shoguns sliders for 25 anticipation. I'm an 16 games played in and have been tweaking every 3 games or so. Initially was seeing too many doubles, and moved all OF players to 45 anticipation as well as reducing player/cpu contact and power, player side more than the CPU with better results. After 3 different adjustments to anticipation, increasing slightly by position as needed, t
  5. I agree from what I have seen so far. Though one thing I saw today regarding pitchers and the anticipation attribute being set to 50, was that they will snag line drives hit back at the. Though I saw the same animation for this twice in the same game. I think I have a recording of the replay, I'll see if I cant post it. It didn't look natural at all, be interesting to see how lowering anticipation to 45 and increasing fielding ability might give a different result. Will have some time Wednesday to test.
  6. I started doing global edits by position. Infielders seem to need to be between 40-50 on this attribute, have to find the right spot for the not to be charging screamers hit at them. Outfielders I have played around with 75-85 to get their throwing release to be in the right ballpark. PItchers I also upped to over 50 so they would actually field bunts in a realistic way. I haven't experimented much with catchers and wonder if making this too high would make them too good at throwing out guys stealing bases. I'm kind of torn on form over function here, love animations looking better but a
  7. This looks very well done man, cant wait to give it a spin. Congrats on the work so far. Im blown away at the graphical work some of yall can do.
  8. Yeah, true as far as making the plays, anticipation just makes the reaction times look correct. Too high and players react before they should, too late and they dont even make an effort to dive. User/CPU power can influence this too, since it influences how hard the balls are hit, and how fast they come off the bat. Its a fun balancing act.
  9. Update: Undid the 99 accelleration global edit and have reinstated the original values. Input global edits for the anticipation attribute by position as follows: 1B: 50 2B: 45 3B: 40 SS: 45 All OF: 70 P & C : 50 Got to play 1 game so far and it looks promising. Good things seen -Saw some nice paths taken to make plays in the IF and OF. -Reaction times to batted balls looking improved. -Outfielders releasing the ball quicker, and actually seeing some closer plays on relay throws. -2nd base charging slow ground
  10. We'll see, learning as I go.
  11. Thanks man, appreciate you sharing your experience. I'll try this and see what happens. Already made some global edits, just dont have time to do any testing until after next week. As soon as I do I'll get some video up.
  12. Ahhh ok. So this could be used to influence outfielders speed of release on their throws? That's something I've noticed lacking with anticipation at 25. Do you recall a particular value that worked well with this? Definitely want to do some experimentation at 1st and 3rd, at 25 the players look like they have no reflexes. Looking back at what I read on OS about this, the main purpose of it was to make animations smoother. I want to see if we can find a nice mid point to get proper reaction times and ok animations. Thanks for the info on this, now I know what I should be looking for.
  13. Yeah, to clarify this works in conjunction with if/of running speed set fron 0-10. I go back and forth. The one thing i find annoying that i dont think we can control specifically with sliders is the slow OF throw release. It can only be compensated for with throwing speed. My goal with starting a conversation on this is to find any attributes the community has played around with and start doing some investigating myself. I want to come up with a set of global attribute edits by position to give us a better result. Theres so much to customize, and sliders are personal prefer
  14. After doing to reading over at Operation Sports forums in the slider section. Im curious as to how many people here have been playong some of the other player specific attributes, specifically anticipation. The pursuit of squeezing the most realistic gameplay possible out of this engine where modability is there, but limited is gonna require a deep dive into these kinds of things. I have been using global edits for 25 anticipation, 99 accelleration, and 99 catcher plate. From what i can gather in the OS forums and my own gameplay, the anticipation edit was inteded to help smooth
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