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  1. I saw I got tagged here a while back and forgot to reply. Unfortunately I don't have a remote understanding of R or Python. The concept you have of this to spit out ratings in an excel spreadsheet format that would allow for easy import into reditor is awesome. Thinking about how this could be used to make modding easier and less time consuming, seeing as everyone who does this stuff is a volunteer, working when they can. Good luck, this seems very well thought out and I'll be watching where it goes.
  2. Yeah, that guy just wants attention, wanted to respond to him earlier as well, but it just seems to keep him coming back. Anyways, good things are coming! Baseball is back, and I'm sure the roster is gonna be amazing and bring functionality never before seen in a roster.
  3. Amazing quality, texture looks very realistic. Nice work!
  4. This looks very well done man, cant wait to give it a spin. Congrats on the work so far. Im blown away at the graphical work some of yall can do.
  5. Well it isnt your roster man, go ahead if you can do it faster. No body stopping you.
  6. As a side note, working on this today. Figured out stats in Redditor and how to get them to appear in game. This was from a 2019 Franchise, so stats only up to 2018. Saw you mention a stat free beta possibly coming, so now that I understand this, happy to help with that tedious endeavor. It'll be pretty cool to have stats up to date with roster as well, wondering if it will affect the commentary, and what they bring up if we have these more fleshed out. Maybe we will get some more commentary variety.
  7. Dang dude, that was uncalled for. Really hard to tell if you're being tongue in cheek or just a di*k.
  8. Glad that worked, its fantastic news.
  9. Thats awesome, when you said regions a few posts ago, would that be like countries, or like the SE US, Carribean etc. Either way sounds like you have a great plan to add some flavor to franchise mode.
  10. That'll be sweet. If only the audio files for the PA announcer could be edited to add player names. Theres enough audio samples to be found out there. Something I did just to see if i could was messing around with a PS3 emulator and dumped the disc of my copy of the show 16 to see if it would be able to possible to access some audio assets. Still cant get those .wad files open to poke around. But will keep looking around for an answer. Really wondering if that kind of thing is legal to use? Really just interested in the MUCH larger selection of PA announcer names.
  11. @Kccitystar thats an awesome find! Exciting to hear that a potential way forward has been found. Good luck with this, really hoping it works out.
  12. So from what you can tell the inside edge data and other residual data is gone? And getting to this point in a franchise will that allow date changes for when the 2020 roster is used in franchise? Curious if this works around some of that hard coded stuff and things like the issues with announced names and appearances.
  13. Yeah, true as far as making the plays, anticipation just makes the reaction times look correct. Too high and players react before they should, too late and they dont even make an effort to dive. User/CPU power can influence this too, since it influences how hard the balls are hit, and how fast they come off the bat. Its a fun balancing act.
  14. Update: Undid the 99 accelleration global edit and have reinstated the original values. Input global edits for the anticipation attribute by position as follows: 1B: 50 2B: 45 3B: 40 SS: 45 All OF: 70 P & C : 50 Got to play 1 game so far and it looks promising. Good things seen -Saw some nice paths taken to make plays in the IF and OF. -Reaction times to batted balls looking improved. -Outfielders releasing the ball quicker, and actually seeing some closer plays on relay throws. -2nd base charging slow ground balls when needed to get the out at first. Things that look funny - pitchers fielding bunts in their vicinity. This still isnt happening. - saw a play where my second basemen charged a frozen rope, which shouldnt happen. It was a screamer. - looking further into middle infielders making too many successful diving plays up the middle. Im going to work with these and adjust them as tightly as possible. Really like it when you can change things by one value to dial them in. Wish sliders worked this way.
  15. We'll see, learning as I go.
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