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  1. So I gotta issue a correction, this roster works in all game modes, I was mistaken on which one I was using. Definitely needs some work on accuracy but is fully functional. I was able to load up franchise and myPlayer modes. What did you make this off of?
  2. This looks very well done man, cant wait to give it a spin. Congrats on the work so far. Im blown away at the graphical work some of yall can do.
  3. Kinda new here, discovered the site a few weeks ago. And have played a little of the 2k19 mod, which is so far excellent. Id be happy to help with this, recently had a career change and dont work so many hours now and actually have some free time. The mod has really scratched my baseball itch with the season being delayed. Ive read a little about what you guys are doing and would like to throw my hands in. Im good at data entry and research, if there is part of a spreadsheet youd need help getting updated. Feel free to PM me, and i will keep an eye on this thread. Ive downl
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