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Face Mod/Crash


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Hey, I'm new here (and to modding), I've been downloading files and tools off this site for about a week now, mainly Red Sox based files (Fenway park, red sox face packs and portraits). I've modded Trot Nixon's, Bill Mueller's, Mark Bellhorn's and David Wells' faces myself, and hadn't run into a problem until just now.

This Morning I was tweaking Wells' cyberface (mostly just putting finishing touches on his beard (with the smudging tool on paint shop pro 9). So after I finished I saved it as a BMP and put it into the game through the MVPedit tool. Then booted up the game and went into the edit player screen for david wells it crashed, so I went and imported a previous version of his modded face (which had previously worked into the game and it still crashed. Now I had backed up the origional file but with my modded face working (at the time) I deleted them. If anyone can help me in providing David Wells' origional face file (or teach me how to extract that particular file off the cd (just so I don't have to replace the whole models.big file) It would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately you cannot put back a single face easily. The whole models.big file needs to be put back in.

1. copy the model.big from CD to MVP

2.What you can do is extract all of files in the models.big from the CD using gfxpak. Put these in a separate folder and then you can work with Wells .fsh file. Also to work on the .fsh file, you need to use FshED to export it as a .bmp file for use in PaintPro. I learned the hard way too. In FshED use the 78h | 120 | R5G6B5 selection in the scoll down list. The fsh file needs to be 32.1 kb. After Paint edits, import back in the bmp using FshEd. Put the orl, ord and fsh of Wells in the main MVP folder. The main folder also needs to have the gfxpak with the correct command line to repack models.big. Download one of the face files and you will see the command line. You need to edit it in notepad to the Wells#'s.

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Thanks for the reply, though alittle late (I reinstalled the game, and remodded every file, this time with no problems). Heres some of the things ive come up with......


David Wells: Added a full beard to his profile picture and the origional face file.


Johnny Damon: Modified the face file from a face mod pack I got off this site, Darkend his hair and lightend his beard.


Manny Ramirez: Modified his face from the same pack I got for Damons face: Darkened his hair added to his beard and gave him a mustache.


Bill Mueller: Added a light goatee and eyeblack.


Trot Nixon: My favorite mod, Added facial hair and eyeblack.


Randy Johnson: Trimmed up his facial hair to make him look like a Yankee.

Other Mods:

Varitek: Eyeblack

Bellhorn: Mullet (from an existing facepack), stubble and eyeblack

Mientkiewicz: Eyeblack and stubble

Kevin Brown: Removed facial hair

Gary Sheffield: Trimmed goatee down to a thin mustache

Tony Womack: Trimmed goatee down to a thin mustache

Tell me what you think.

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Those are some great faces! Fantastic job!

If Johnson does indeed go to the Yanks, won't he have to shave his entire mustache off? Steinbrenner likes his boys clean cut!

no...there allowed to have a mustache......by the way.....not to be harsh or mean...but why do the graphics look a lil rough......nice job on the faces though....keep up the great work

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