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Im gona need some help.


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Deja-Vu! Goldensuitcase, where are you?

First let me suggest that you get comfortable with PhotoShop first. It's a tricky program with lots of bells and whistles. The main part of creating a uniform is the art work itself. So get to know all of the tools and effects that you can utilize in PhotoShop first. If you already know PhotoShop just let me know and we can move on to step 2.

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Hey cartersyard,

I plan on learning how to mod uniforms eventually as well. I currently have Adobe Photo Deluxe Business Edition 1.0 and JASC Paint Shop Pro 8. Which would you suggest I learn that would be best suited for modding uniforms? And if you could would you list the first few areas I should focus on that would be most beneficial .... i.e. like Layers etc. Not that I know what Layers are because I will be a complete novice at this stuff but if you could steer me in the best initial direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I still use your Washington Senators Uniforms extensively and the new Washington Cap is very similiar to the Senators late 60s early 70s Cap which will be one of the first things I undertake.



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Hey Don!

I would recomend Paint Shop Pro. In fact, that is what I use myself.

Now I may do things differently than others in here, but I use the 'magic wand' and 'retouch' tools a lot when cleaning up logos and recoloring parts of the uniform. Other than that, learn about layers and the various paint tools that are available within the program.

I hope that helps. I'm running off to work now, so if you need anything further just message me.


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