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PC velocity problem


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Hey guys, a friend of mine at the EA forum posted a problem that I couldnt find a fix for... I thought I'd bring it here and see if any of you guys have any clue as to how to fix it. Here's what he posted...


i was playing MVP yesterday with my Red Sox dynasty, i was messing around and changed some of the pitches of Schilling, removed curve and replaced it with a cutter, and improved some of his pitches just to see what would happen

so the next game Schilling was pitching and I noticed that my fastball was a lot harder than usual(i didn't change anything on the fastball), i was hitting around 95 mph, i was suprised cause my fastballs always go around 86 mph, doesn't matter with who i'm throwing, always the same speed

so i quit my dynasty, loaded it again and went to the mound with the normal schilling and my fastball was back @ ~86 mph, then i changed some of the attributes of other pitches and the result was exactly the some

so when a pitcher has a changeup, curveball, or any other slow pitch, ALL pitches he has suffer from that, even though his fastball has a velocity of 95 on paper, he can only hit 88 maximum

so now my question to other PC users: do you have the same, and more important: what can I do about it??

please help me, this is why i often give up more than 7 runs every game.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

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