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As I moved into my own flat in August, I've recently started receiving demands from the government to complete an electoral register form, which, of course, is addressed to "The Occupier" at my address.

I have no plans at all to complete the form as I don't plan on voting (I just read a thread on another site where someone called it akin to switching deck chairs on the Titanic - I can't say I disagree), disagree in principle to the completion of the form in the first place, and have a strong distaste for what's done with the information on the form.

So, I was planning on ignoring the letters and blaming the non-delivery on Royal Mail, who are notably bad enough that this would most likely actually work. However, if they don't receive a returned form, they send their goons to your address and get you to fill it out on your doorstep. Of course, I could ignore the door, but this wouldn't prevent them putting a form through the letter box, at which point I'd be back to square one.

So, considering filling it out with one of the following;

- Totally incorrect information. Chuck U. Farley and Billie Club now reside at my address. A friend of mine did this a while back to see if he started getting junk mail to the names he used, and sure enough, within a few months, he was receiving offers of cut-price holidays, guaranteed lottery wins and cheap insurance offers. If I were to do this, I'd probably turn it into a web project or blog of some kind, just for giggles.

- Fill it out stating no-one is eligible to vote as the property is empty. This has the same pitfalls as ignoring the letter, as if they send a set of goons to check the property, they'll hear music from inside, as well as the fact that the landlord would have returned the first form stating the property was empty.

- Mark it as business premises. I'm strongly considering this, as I am hoping to start my own business out of the property, but it's doubtful I'll be doing it this year, and I doubt the argument would hold water, considering I'm not registered with a business at the address, or anywhere else.

- Continue ignoring the forms and blaming our crap postal system. This one is solely based on the theory that based on the citizens of Glasgow, many are apathetic and simply won't give a damn, unable to complete the form for one reason or another, or use the form as roaches in funny cigarettes thanks to our budding cannabis industry, so the goons would have far too many houses to visit and it's unlikely they would impose fines on everyone.

So, just asking here for some ideas and opinions, only partially serious. I'll be seeking advice from other sources as well. I do find it hilarious and somewhat scary from the perspective of personal privacy that giving false information or failure to comply (their word, not mine) can lead to a £1,000 fine.


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