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After All, It's Only A Game.


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Red Sox fan donates marrow to Westchester Yankees fan

NEW YORK (AP) - There's been a break in the fierce, decades-old Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

Rabid Red Sox fan Steve Karas has donated bone marrow to New Yorker Matthew Welling. At age 3, Matthew is already devoted to the Yankees.

The Westchester County boy has a rare bone disease. His body rejected Karas' stem cells. But they sustained him until another donor was found.

The families discovered after meeting that they're staunch fans of the rival teams.

During Karas' stay at the Welling home, Matthew's mother filled Karas' guest room with Yankees memorabilia.

Karas realizes the boy will always be told the Yankees rule. But he quips that, deep down, Matthew will feel a need to root for the Red Sox.

Nice story. Should make everyone remember that even though we may taunt each other, disagree vehemently and hurl insults at the fans of our rivals, at the end of the day, it's only a game.

(I do find it funny that his body rejected the stem cells, though. :lol: )

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