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Detroit Lions


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THe whole "Norris Division" is frustrating ...

The Vikings have All-Day Peterson AND a decent QB now to go with their D. The only thing holding them back from big time success is Favre's tendency to have a 3-int game in the post-season.

GB can't run the ball, nor protect their QB.

The Bears FINALLY got a marquee QB, but by now our D is aging, injury depeleted, and have lost key pieces to FA. As it turns out, even marquee QB's need adequate receivers ... and by adequate I don;t mean a star PR trying to learn the position. Sure, its great for the occassional highlight, but not for consistent play resulting in moving the chains and ending in scores. Greg Olson is good.

The Lions are going to require 3 years (IMO) to really over-come the damage Millen caused. They're going to need to have a sizeable portion of their roster exist from "non-Millen moves" (i.e. the draft + FA signings over the next 2 years). I cannot even begin to imagine how frustrating that situation HAS to be.

Every year, there seems to be one team that dominates the mediocrity of the division, this year it's MIN. If Favre retires (and stays retired), the whole division could be mediocre next year.

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