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  1. The only thing I'll add about Hurt is that for 5-6 years he was, hands down, the "Best Hitter in Baseball". I hope folks remember that. Before there was 'El Hombre', there 'The Big Hurt'. Not bad for Tight End (Auburn).
  2. We have mlb08 and mlb09 on PS2. IMO, it's not worth playing on that console. We did just trade in the 360 and maybe 10 games for $200, and the PS3 and MLB10 cost us $300 (plus some PS2 games for my son). For me, I'm just tired of fooling around with 2k. If 2k10 is great, then it also plays on the PS3. I don;t play too many other video games, so it's an easy choice for me. I've missed baseball since about the 2nd day after the WS. Baseball has become a year-round sport for me. In the off-season, it's all about projections and stats analysis, as well as, player moves. All other sports have become just casual viewing for me. Illinois might be the best team in the Big 10, and I just noticed last week. This is going to be a fun spring for me. The team that my buddy and I coached to a Junior High state title are now HS sophs. We were able to get back into coaching (Administrators had been forbidden from coaching before this year), and it looks like our team is a legit contender for the state title (and should be for the next few years). As a pitching coach I'm just thrilled with our 7 (yes, 7 guys) 6'2 and taller. They pick up on tips quickly and all have very good command and movement for HS pitchers. One of our guys (get this) shows up out of nowhere (did not play his 1st 3 years). He's 6'2 205, left-handed and throws 80-83. His brother will be a pro pitcher after this season and his other brother was all-conference college player now working for the FBI. This kid, as of now, is our "6th starter". Sometimes you just hit the jackpot. Anyway, enough about me, I'm just too excited to keep it in. I'm really looking forward to this year's season. The NYY have the potential to have one of the best regular seasons of baseball history ... and there's a fair chance that I may get to see a NYY-StL WS sometime. BOS screwed it up in '04. StL did it to themselves in '08. SEA will be an interesting team to watch. King and Lee as 1 and 2, as probably the best defensive team in MLB. As a fan of the 80s Cardinals, SEA could be the modern version of the "All pitching, defense, and speed team". You don't often see that combo these days, but it's interesting to follow.
  3. Heh Heh. I swear I don't see an empty Southern Comfort bottle anywhere around here ... but, maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Sometimes you try to be funny and it ends up just being weird. I accept that.
  4. Can I get a few more pics of the bug, from some different angles. I don't quite feel as though I have a good grasp on the complete appearance. *grin* Maybe something with a valentine's day pillow, or making a pouty face, or maybe with nothing but a fur coat? Y'know something that really displays her complex, yet fun, personality. Man, I'm in a weird place right now.
  5. 2K has been dominating the video game basketball scene for a few years now. From what I read, 2k9 is viewed as the best BKBL game ever ... and 2k10 just made it a little better. 2K has also dominated the X360 baseball game scene too ... but, only by default. *grin* I'm not optomistic that 2K basketball success translates to 2k baseball success. It would be nice, but this mess is 3 years in the making, with 2k7 being (IMO) the best atempt of the bunch. Didn;t HBO used to do this with Costas? I don;t get MLB network, but Costas is as knowledgable as any baseball TV personality ... plus, he genuinely likes baseball. I think MLB is missing out on the Joe Buck train. This guy should be involved in everything MLB does on TV. Very smart, a baseball broadcasting lifer from a great broadcasting family ... somehow baseball let him take his talent to the NFL. Actually Buck and Costas together in the booth would have endless, high quality, debates/conversations of players, issues, history, etc. Could be interesting ... but we have to (for some reason) have a former player as a color commentator ... describing the most obvious aspects of the game, often in errant fashion, so we get McCarver and Morgan on a regular basis. Baseball tonight isn;t much better with Eric Young and Chris Singleton. Kruk seems to overcome his sideshow existence and develop into a reasonable TV personality that won;t hesistate to describe situations as they are, even if it might hurt someone's feelings. At least we have a choice. Imagine Cub fans pondering a purchase of a $30 "NL Central Division Champions" t-shirt. Hilarious. I think Cashman is in the most desirable position. Whereas some of the otheer teams might be under their fans wrath for letting the WS MVP walk, he can afford that luxury because it means other quality guys will get some more playing time (that has worked for so many teams over the last 15 years), and he has the star-studded core of the team back and under contract, as well as, Wang returning to health. Only injuries can keep NYY out of the post-season next year. I find myself on the opposite side of the spectrum. I thought it was awesome that both the Cubs and Red Sox entered the season knowing they would not win the WS, even if they won 120 games in the regular season. Seeing how they'd destruct was one of the best storylines of the season/history. The agony and misery of their fans, seemed to make them more passionate and loyal, instead of 'less'. Still, how the 04 Red Sox won it all was pretty darn impressive. I cannot, ever, root for the Cubs to win a WS ... if they do they lose everything the organization is known for. Only they can turn a profit on the "Lovable Losers" situation. A whole 9 years? You poor fans. I don;t know you were able to get through each arduous and agonizing season, with making the playoffs every year but one. *grin* I see what you're saying, but you have to realize there are whole lot of teams, perhaps ALL of em, that are struggling to come up with empathy for NYY and their fans for what they have had to endure over this decade ... you know, most wins, most division titles, most times in the playoffs, and now tied for most WS titles in the last 10 years. I'm not mocking you in any way, but I feel as bad for NYY and I did ATL for *only* winning one title over 13 straight division titles. I will say it was exciting to have NYY back in the WS. Love em or hate em, everyone watches. Hang in there, buddy. It eventually gets better. At least you have a Championship to help take your mind off of it.
  6. Well, that's good to know. JUst in case I order a used one in very god condition as well. It was $7. Either I'll give it to my son to play with on our other (older) desktop, or give it to someone.
  7. On amazon, they have new NHL04's for $5. Some are full price, but some sellers have it for much less. Not used, but new. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00...p;condition=new Hold up, after reading that I'm wondering if I just bought the registration key oonly, and not the CDs? Is that possible?
  8. I just bought this off amazon for $5. I can remember modding NHL94 and making all minor league teams, unis, and players, and having a blast. Looking through my old games book, my last NHL game was 2000 ... so, this is going to play as a "brand new game" for me. awesome. What's even better is the Blackhawks have a team worth playing with. Downloading all the files now ... and hoping I can folow step-by-step installation instructions. *grin*
  9. I remember Underdog. Wasn't he a stimulant using superhero? *grin* When I go to youtube, it's to watch boxing. OAK sealed their fate when they drafted a big arm instead of a QB that can read defenses. Serioius, with all his natural ability, how dense does Russell have to be to be this bad? Al Davis basically makes his own mess. Strangely enough, their 82 Super Bowl opponents, The Skins, have an owner running that team into the ground also. How does Matt Millen get an analyst job? Isn't he regarded as pretty much the worst GM in NFL history?
  10. That fight was pretty much a letdown. Although it was kind of shocking to see a guy overpower Kimbo and use his knee to hold Kimbo's arm down and render him helpless. Kimbo didn;t try a kick out or anything, he just sorta laid there and took it. IMO, the only way the playoffs should be expanded is if the reg season is significantly reduced. Baseball has a long season, so less playoffs are needed. I would actually prefer to go back to the 2 division system and do away with the WC altogether. Compared to NFL, NBA, and NHL ... baseball is the only one whose reg season REALLY matters. The Pats are suffering the same thing all dynasties have ... teams cherry-pick their coaching staffs and rosters, and they've had some key players retire (high roster/staff turnover). Still, they'll likely make the playoffs. I don't think they'll endure the failures of SF, DAL, etc. I think they are still a threat.
  11. Using twiggins export/import program ... [1] Open the export/import program. [2] Start the game and load your dynasty. [3] Alt-Tab to the desktop and run the export program; exporting the files to a folder (preferably on your desktop, titled "My dynasty" --- you'll need to make one) [4] This should export all of the files from your dynasty into that folder. [5] Go back into MVP. [6] Exit out of your dynasty and start a new dynasty with the 7.31 files. [7] Alt-Tab back out of MVP to desktop. [8] Run the exporter and export these new dynasty files to a new folder titled something like "new dynasty") [9] Select and copy the current stats files from your 'my dynasty folder' into the 'new dynasty folder', overwriting the files in the 'new dynasty folder'. [10] Go back into MVP and load your old dynasty (the one you want to keep playing). [11] Alt-Tab back out of MVP and use the import feature to import the 'new dynasty files' into your current mvp dynasty. [12] You should now have a dynasty with the 7.31 rosters AND your current dynasty stats (through 65 gamnes or whatever you said you played). That's what I did (I think, going from memory). I just followed the instructions from the readme in Ty's import/export (assorted tools) program. This is one of the collest programs ever made, IMO.
  12. Chicago also has their own ESPN channel. It's called "Disappointment TV". Hope you recover well from your surgery. None of that sounds very pleasant.
  13. I've tried almost everything, and I still get the 'enabled' message at the bottom left, but no players will show up in the white box, but I can change teams and project stats ... just not actually edit any of the guys in my dynasty.
  14. Are you like me and hit better with lefties? I ask because I am doing awesome with Stephen Drew and Josh Whitesell, but cannot do anything with Justin Upton and Conor Jackson. Give me Adam Dunn and he'll win the MVP every year. *grin*
  15. The Angels just get no love on this game. Neither do the Cardinals. IMO, this could be viewed as an indicator of just how well these teams are managed/prepared in MLB. Particularly the Cardinals, Dave Duncan gets more out of "average pitchers" than anyone, and the Cards success often is the result of the play of their role players. I had a discussion the other day about how a lot of managers can manage a 1st place team to a 1st place finish ... but LaRussa/Duncan seem to do it quite often with what should be a 2nd or 3rd place team ... as compared to how Pinella is managing a 1st place team into 2nd, and maybe even 3rd place. Torre and Girardi, have I view as "easy jobs". Fill out the lineup card and then sit down and watch. Poor Jerry Manuel has what started as a 1st place team and is now a 4A team due to all of the injuries. That HAS to be very frustrating.
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