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Patch Help Please!


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I need to know where the patch goes when you extract it. And How do you get it there?

I think it goes to "user 2k9" But when I extract it, I dont know where it goes AND then I run the game and after I play a couple of Innings and try to exit the game the game freezes UGH!

for Pc..


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First, which version of the game do you have? Retail DVD version (Store Bought) or Digital Distribution version (Legally Downloaded)?

If you have the program Winrar (If you don't have it, google it), you can extract the files to anywhere, Desktop would probably be easiest. Once extracted, copy the files to the Folder you installed MLB 2K9 into. Example, for me on XP: C:\Program Files\Major League Baseball 2K9

As always, backup your original files before you install the patch. Below are links to the patch Downloads.

Retail DVD (Click on the Download Tab at Bottom, then PC-DVD Patch): http://www.2ksports.com/games/mlb2k9

Digital Distribution: http://www.direct2drive.com/patches/

Good luck.

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Thank You Maestro for Your reply. I am enjoying this game and trying to learn all about it and I post on here and other sites to get info to learn about the game and am amazes me how people dont answer. I know its not THE Show! but its a PC game and its not bad once you adjust the sliders.

Shoot $20 vs $60, Not bad for a PC game..

anyhow, Its a store bought game and I have Vista -UGH. but dont have winrar installed. will do that now..

again Thanks So much for the Help...

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