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Team Mystery Discoverers


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Hey guys,

I haven't been around in awhile. I hope everyone is doing well and very excited for the upcoming MLB season. Anyway, for the past four years I have been studying film at school. And now, being a senior (about to make my move into the working man's world), I am working on my biggest project to date. It is a film entitled "Team Mystery Discoverers". It is dramatic comedy focusing on a team of paranormal investigators who are about to have their television show canceled. They must band together and product completely viable evidence of ghosts to get their show renewed. Right now the film is more than 50% completed and it has been a real blast to work on.

As of right now I am just trying to generate some buzz for the film and its upcoming release. Hopefully it is bound for some film festivals. But, if you guys could please visit http://www.tmd2010.com and take a lot at the images and the two brief video teasers at the bottom of the page, it would be greatly appreciated. And also, if you get an opportunity, please visit our advertisers to help support the film.

I am excited to hear what you all think. More teasers/trailers and production images are coming very soon.

Thanks and hopefully I will be back this upcoming baseball gaming season to release some mods for MLB 2k10.

Team Mystery Discoverers Film

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