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Atlanta Braves Alt Away Uniform 2K10


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File Name: Atlanta Braves Alt Away Uniform 2K10

File Submitter: Barnes

File Submitted: 07 Mar 2010

File Updated: 09 Mar 2010

File Category: MLB 2K10 - Uniforms and Accessories

Total update to the Atlanta Braves Alt Away uniform for MLB2K10.Fixed the color and Hat.

Extract to your main MLB 2K10 folder,PLEASE back up your uniform_atb_alt_a.iff file before installing.


Click here to download this file

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Great work, thank you so much for doing this. One question though, the helmets have the alternate tomahawk logo on them instead of the normal road helmets that have the "A" on them that they wear with the Alt jerseys. If you could fix that these would be perfect but I suppose that could just be a limitation because the helmets are in a separate file?. Thanks once again.

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I tried to change the helmet and thought I did but for some reason the Tomahawk A still shows up on the helmet.They are getting that A texture from another file other than the alt away uniform file.

I guess we are stuck with that helmet all season.

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