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  1. While making the MLBN overlays I noticed that I have to change sub-files 50-60 in file 54, after I replace file 49 which is the scoreboard. So, every time I changed something with file 49 I then replace files 50-60 with backups of the original files. File 60 is the backdrop for the swing/pitch review screen. With NBA Mod tool open the overlay_static_preload go to file 54, then sub-file 60 and you can replace it with the dds image I have attached, it will fix the review backdrop. review backdrop.rar
  2. If you know how to use NBA Mod tool , open your global file and go to file 232 then go to sub folder 84 and 85 and replace them with the dds files I have attached here. Make sure you replace 84 with 84 and 85 with 85. Also I was wrong in my first post, it's file 232-84 is the watermark. For some reason when you change file 84 it changes file 85 and it needs to be replaced with the original. No Watermark.rar
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