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  1. Thank you Would love that
  2. Hi I know there is a excellent 1998 roster currently available with 16 teams. Has anyone made a complete roster for the 1998 season
  3. Yes a RedBirds fan how can you tell lol. 1998 a huge season for us, a player known as McGwire hit alot of HR that year I think
    Thank you so much for this roster and all your work on them. Cool memories, are you thinking of a 1998 roster ?
    Love the Mike Piazza and Mets, your work is greatly appreciated here
  4. Hi Hanny any new releases on the horizon, loving this work for 2K12 :D

    Thank you for your hard work
    Finalli the Big Unit in 2K12, wow what a team that was, brilliant work.....remembering the good old days Hanny
    Thank you so much for your work, love this team
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