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Pawtucket Red Sox Uniform Completely Wrong?


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I don't watch AAA games very often, but I'm pretty sure the PawSox home uniform is NOT a red and blue jersey with a cartoony PawSox wirtten across the front (that's on an alternate jersey, but I believe the home jersey is the same white "RED SOX" jersey the parent club uses).

Also, I'm playing My Player, got promoted to AAA, and BOTH the home and away helmets have an "S" on them instead of the "P"! The caps are fine, just the helmets are wrong...this seems like it would be a simple thing to fix, like a wrong refernce number is being used (I think these are the Single-A Salem helmets).

Lastly, I notice with EVERY team, the font for the name on the jersey is much too wide; this was the case last year too, so I assume it can't be fixed, is this true?

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