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2001 blue jays alternates


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File Name: 2001 blue jays alternates

File Submitter: DonSPa

File Submitted: 01 Apr 2010

File Category: MLB 2K10 - Uniforms and Accessories

These are from the 2001 Alternate home and road unis.These replace the jays away uni

and the jays alt 1

Most notable players on the 2001 jays were,pedro borbon,chris carpenter,roy halladay,

billy koch,carlos delgado,ryan freel,jose cruz jr,raul mondesi,shannon stewart,tony fernandez,and vernon wells

how to install:

first i would go to where u installed 2k10 and create a folder for original files in case

something doesnt work.

copy and save the original "uniform_tob_away.iff"and "uniform_tob_alt_1.iff" and paste

into the new folder

unzip my files to whereever u want ,and copy and place the files

in the main 2k10 folder.


If u dont want to replace these uniform file's but want to replace another uniform then


them to whatever uni's u want to replace ,

just always remember to backup the originals

start the game up and the uni should be in game now

hope u enjoy

Uniforms will not be totally 100 % correct but a close similarity

Click here to download this file

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