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  1. what ru going to do when the new season starts because within a few weeks once the real games begin,most of the stadiums will have their new ads Up?and also when it comes to modding do whatever u feel needs worked on and that satisfies U
  2. DonSPa

    New Bb Game For Pc

    I actually didn't even know it had a game last year until I read the article,if it isn't a game on the pc then I usually don't pay attention since I don't have an xbox,playstation or any other console
  3. DonSPa

    New Bb Game For Pc

    dang that sux would be nice to work on a fresh game.Y4L was without a computer for a while,lost alot of stuff and just glad that some files i had saved on disc,just wished i would have saved everything
  4. DonSPa

    New Bb Game For Pc

    hey Y4L how ya been,long time no see lol.I saw the article and just had to make a post.I saw that there were complaints about last years game so hopefully the developers there will actually listen to the people who know best(the gamers)I feel like any game ,u are gonna have those who like a game and those who dont,and thats with any game out in market.I liked the 2k games and 2k13 almost finally got it.
  5. Hot dog!!!! just saw an article that PC is finally getting a baseball game again.Im hoping that they will give us what all gamers have been wanting a full bugless,playable,great looking baseball game.2k had potential but they just never hit the mark.Also im hoping we get an easy moddable game as well with no limits on what we can do. https://games.yahoo.com/news/r-b-baseball-15-happening-184520455.html
  6. do u know why we cant change players names in the create player mode?i was gonna try this but only certain things are changeable,so I tried to delete chipper jones and when I try and create a new player with the spot that just opened up I put my first name in and when I put in the last name ,the first name goes blank and has my last and first name goes into the last name spot,whats weirder is if I leave it that way and play a game theres all kind of shontzdonalds(my real name) playing for different teams lololol
  7. thnx bsu,u did a very very very great job and don't worry whether or not someone thinks ratings etc are wrong because every year those would change anyways so there is no way to be accurate on every roster change,everyone just outta be glad someone took time to do these as the franchise is no longer being worked on by 2k,and besides the work u have done is far superior than what we had.If some one thinks rating are wrong then they can change to what they want its really no big deal
  8. niiice but I was wondering,in the create a player mode I was wondering why so many created players are players that should already be in game??for example in the created players david Ortiz,and im trying to create myself as I normally do but I cant edit or add in the player create
  9. no worries,roster editing is the hardest thing to do on here imo,u deserve more credit than what u get for being so patient and with the trade deadline coming in a month it can be hair pulling time lolol
  10. lolol bsu did u wake up with slobbery keyboard and dents shaped like keys on ur face lololol
  11. my hope would be that it would make it possible to have an unlimited space to make unis available for game use instead of the limit we have now,that alone could bring me outta retirement lolololol
  12. ok if i am understanding this properly,many people who have modded or even played 2k games know that alot of stadiums have ads in the wrong places or missing something ,for example in the brewers stadium where the toyota stands are there is always a car or truck at that stand but in game its not there,if i am reading this right does this mean we can ad that now????if so oooooooo boy there is reason to be excited for 2k players because this will change some modding in a major major way
  13. cool will be watching this thread as well ty bsu
  14. the faces is one area i have not been able to figure out,when i make em they look like someone spilled acid on thier faces lolol
  15. DonSPa

    Audio Success!

    ahhhh thank you guys,very very much needed and long awaited find.Now I can listen to Pink Floyd on my tracks lol
  16. yeah kc is right about unis,there isn't a whole lot left to do.It would be different if we had more space because then we could do old time unis that havnt been covered yet.Kinda like how mvp has probally almost all unis ever thought of.About the only thing that could be done are the ones this year with the memorial patches
  17. i wonder how jersey sales go during these events lol
  18. I had quite a few autographs over the years while going to see the pirates,but my fav is from one of my fav pirates players and that was willie stargell.And then I was able to get one of my fav pitchers and that was steve blass.The way I got his was in my senior year at high school,steve was a representative for Jostens and not only did I get a autograph but also got my class ring from him as well
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