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  1. I have a bought disk of this game and want to play someone online. I can not remember the CD key code. Am I screwed????
    Nice rosters. However I had an issue when using it in a games. Whenerver I tried to throw a pich, I pressed the button but had no ability to control where it went. As you all know, you choose a pitch and then choose its location with the joystick. For some strange reason it failed to allow this. Any thoughts????? Part 2- Just loaded your updated roster. It works, pithinc and all. Not sure what I did on my part but all is well. Thank you for your work
    I wish that the actual managers were included along with the schedule. Overall this is the best roster out there for tthe 2018 season. Thank you for your fine work.
  2. On all of the 2017 rosters the manager of the Nats have been the previous manager, Matt Williams. I was womdering if there is someway to have A PLAYER HEAD IF dUSTY bAKER CREATED TO DOWNLOAD AND ADDS ONE OF THESE ROSTERS. Thanks. Sorry for typos. Typing without glasses on.
  3. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Cant wait to have Sun Trust stadium added to the mod. Just a question, is Dusty Baker viewable as the Nationals manager?I have used them in individual games with this file but have not seen him. Not a life changer for me if it can not be done. Thanks for all your efforts. Plan in doing a joint Reds, Orioles. and Dodgers file in same season. This will help me analyze the file. Probably will not complete season but will have a blast trying to.
    I like seeing actual faces with the players as compared to some other roster files. Is there some way you could add Dusty Baker as the Manager for the Nationals? thank you for your efforts
  5. thanks for your work on this. I was wondering if the actual managers will also be added to this roster update?
  6. Can.t wait to use the finished projec. Had one question: will the current managers be included in this? thank you
  7. duke2010


    Awesome job!!!! You have even added the new managers!!!!! Thank you for your hard work and effort. I look froward to playing a season with it.
  8. Thank you for the updated roster. I played a few innnings of some games with the Reds vs.. Nationals and Cubs vs. Padres. Overall it is a good file. As you said the rosters at the moment are not 100% accurate yet but it is a good start. I look forward when you also have the current managers included as well. Thank you for your time and effort.
  9. In my opinion, footballfreaks.com is the best site for users of Madden 08 PC. Each season users update the rosters, uniforms, some equipment, and in some cases the actual stadiums along with the season schedules for PC users. These files literally make the game play like a newer, better version than what was released in the actual games. Take long look again at the forums and focus on the Customization section. You will find what you are looking for,
  10. AL East - Orioles NL East - Nationals AL West - A's NL West - Dodgers AL Central - Tigers NL Central - Cardinals WCs - Angels, Royals WCs - Giants, Brewers World Series - Dodgers over As in 6
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