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1969 seattle pilots


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File Name: 1969 seattle pilots

File Submitter: DonSPa

File Submitted: 03 Apr 2010

File Category: MLB 2K10 - Uniforms and Accessories

Before the milwaukee brewers became a team they were known as the seattle pilots and this

uni is from the 1969 pilots.This replaces the brewers alt road uni

Most notable players on the 1969 pilots were,jack aker,steve barber,jim bouton,bob locker,skip lockwood,

mike marshall,deigi segui,larry haney,tommy harper,gus gil,billy williams and tommy davis

how to install:

first i would go to where u installed 2k10 and create a folder for original files in case

something doesnt work.

copy and save the original "uniform_mib_alt_r.iff" and paste

into the new folder

unzip my files to whereever u want ,and copy and place the files

in the main 2k10 folder.


If u dont want to replace these uniform file's but want to replace another uniform then


them to whatever uni's u want to replace ,

just always remember to backup the originals

start the game up and the uni should be in game now

hope u enjoy

Uniforms will not be totally 100 % correct but a close similarity

Click here to download this file

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