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4 Every1 asking about the number on front of uniform..


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regaring the person who made the mets st.patricks day uniform..sorry i dont know the name off the top of my head and everyone else who sent me a PM about this..

Reminder as you read this: I'm writing this as a 4 year old boy screams in my ear, with arms around my neck askign me to turn on NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND so he can play.

Ok, here's the thing. The numbers on the front are not saved in the whole fxxxY.FSH file. They are saved in the axxxY.FSH.

now you're asking yourself, well how come there's like only 5 axxxY.fsh in models.big

it's because all uniforms check to see if there is a FxxxY.FSH(which there is) and an axxxY.fsh file(which sometimes there isn't).

Now,i've gotten this to work in some scenarios but other scenarios I have not and I believe it might be to actual coding of the game.

Code might need to be altered but im not sure.

This is what i recommend St. Patricks uniform guy do, or iron forge or anyone else...

Create a Uniform for whatever team you want, create or use any FxxxY file you got, and then create..and when i say create,i do mean create an AxxxY.fsh file. Lets say your doing this for the yankees, and uniform B. create a011a.fsh.

If for some reason it doesnt work...(i'd like to take this time to say I have actually in fact gotten this work with the ynakees with the number in the front, but do to trying it over and over..i have not been able to duplicate the results with the same uniform)...

It should work with the cleveland indians,brewers,or pirates when you create a new uniform, simply create an A021x.fsh file, and the number should be on the front.

try out all possibilities and contact me and if this happens to work or i lead you in the right direction,please include me in your read me file.

sorry ,i know theres much more i should have said but now i have to turn NFS on for the psychotic kid.

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first off all, i apologize to carter for forgetting his name in the midst of the noise that was going on over here. Second of all, I didn't mean METS St. PATRICKS Day i meant RED SOX ST. PAtricks day. I believe carter sent me a PM a day or so ago asking me about the numbers on the front. If i'm wrong about that, then sorry ahead of time.

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