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Mlb2K11 Keyboard Guide For Those Who Play On The Pc

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So I finally made the switch after nearly a decade of MVP05 to MLB2k and so far I've loving MLB2k11 (not so much the earlier versions). Here's the keyboard control for those who play MLB2k11 without a controller and are playing without the fancy motion gestures. Hopefully this helps some people out as it took me awhile to figure everything out. It's not complete by any means but there's enough information to where you can play and enjoy the game.


w = popup

s = hit left

a = hit right

d = grounder

2 = (hold) to power up your batter

8 = (after holding 2 you let go and press 8 ) to hit (you don't have to hold 2 to hit, just press 8 to hit with less power)

4, 6 = (instead of 8 you can also press 4,6 to slap the ball away for a defensive swing)

5 = bunt (press 5 again to disable bunt)

After swinging (8) press 2 again, you have to do it fast = check swing. It seems as if you can't check swing as much if you hold down 2.


w,a,s,d = control where you want to throw the ball

space, 0, ., 5, + = your pitches (you hold down the key until the circle fills and release at its max size for a perfect pitch)

tab = to eye runners on base for pickoff

page up = have skipper come to the mound

. = for fatigue

5 = for composure

F3 = Int Walk

Base running:

space = (cycle between base runners)

tab = take your lead off base for all runners

left shift = take your lead off base for one runner (whoever's selected with the space bar)

enter = retreat back to base after leading off (or when screen shows pick off to return to base)

5 = (hold) to slide. use w,a,s,d to control where/how you want to slide. I think 0 railroads the catcher at homeplate.

Base stealing:

hold shift = (keep tapping shift until you have your lead, then HOLD shift until you see the pitcher start to throw, release to take off) Same with tab, if you want more than one runner to steal.


6,8,4,5 = throw to whichever base

tab = throw to cut off man

??? = fake throw


down arrow key = to warm up pitchers, pinch run, etc

left and right arrow key = to see some stats

page down, 0 and 1 (next to ~ and not the other 0 next to the arrow keys) = can cancel you out of these menus

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