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Wrigley No Ivy


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File Name: Wrigley NO IVY

File Submitter: DonSPa

File Submitted: 10 Aug 2012

File Category: Stadiums

this is an idea originally from Trues ,I believe when 2k9

came out and figured Id add it to 2k12 for those who may

like the authentic "no ivy" which is present during cubs

games a few weeks at the beginning of the season before

the green ivy grows.Other than the ivy the rest of the wall

coloring and the night lighting has been done by kccitystar

and the field logo by sixers85 and thanx also for Trues

for his idea of the "no ivy" look.

To install just replace the original,or the updated version

withy this version,then whjen ur ready for the ivy just

replace it again with the original or updated

Click here to download this file

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