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Sweetfx For Mlb 2K12


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File Name: SweetFX for MLB 2K12

File Submitter: Kccitystar

File Submitted: 24 Sep 2012

File Category: Miscellaneous

Version: 2.0

Included are several files that will adjust the visuals of the game to a more realistic, grounded, HD tone. I managed to adjust the bloom, sharpening, gamma values and anti-aliasing detail across all aspects of MLB2K12. White/Bright colored jerseys now look bright during day/night games, skin has a much more realistic tone, day games look and feel like day games, and the game overall resembles an actual TV broadcast.

As you should know, using this mod may cause your game to take a performance hit. To remedy this, make sure you turn the MSAA settings to "Off" in the Advanced Video Settings menu in the Options.

It is also recommended that you have a high-spec computer with a recent video card (this was made on a Geforce GTX 750 Ti card), otherwise you would have to adjust your video card settings due to the performance hit. Also, adjust your Anti-Aliasing settings outside of the game using the nVidia display tool if you use an nVidia graphics card, or Catalyst Control Center if you have an ATI graphics card.


Simply copy ALL OF the contents (including all associated folders) from this file into your MLB 2K12 directory.

Your MLB 2K12 directory can be either in:

C:Program Files2K SportsMajor League Baseball 2K12


C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonmlb 2k12

Then, simply start the game up, and enjoy.

To turn OFF the visual effects, press SCROLL LOCK on your keyboard.


To UNINSTALL, delete the following files from your MLB 2K12 directory:

SweetFX folder











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Very good work!!..... :good:

but Personal thoughts ~ ~ :)

A little over exposed

Day time game start ~ ~ white jersey has little exposure to not see the



This patch computer in high demand

My computer installed this patch to to perform less than 60fps ..... :help:

cpu 4 core

Graphics Card ati 6770

ram 3.5g


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Interestingly enough, as soon as I installed the mod, I lost all replays and swing/pitch analysis. Also They do't run through their lineups at the beginning of the game or show season team or player stats or have the intro at the beginning of each game. They talk about them, but it just goes to the pitcher pitching, though It could be a conflict with another mod I have installed?

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I see the instructions for this mod and I downloaded it in the 2k folder. If I read correctly this mod can be installed also with the FXAA mod or the SMAA mod in the 2k folder also, correct?

I also noticed with the just the true HD mod installed, when I do a performance bench mark test the Frame rate is only about 25 FPS. Without the true HD mod the FPS are 60. Does the FPS affect the gameplay off line as well or just online play?

Also does it effect the gameplay to where we would see more realistic hit results and ball trajectory?


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