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Step By Step Process For Portrait Updating?


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I've commented on a recent post regarding this, but I'm also at a loss with updating 2k12 portrait files and I was hoping someone could just plug-in or suggest the steps I am screwing up:

1. Created some nice 256x256 portraits in GIMP, converted the images to .dds [attached the .png with transparency and the complete .dds image below]

2. Downloaded the correct MEGA portrait pack from site, extracted to a folder, copied my .dds over the one in the pack, re-compressed with 7Zip.

3. Using TiT installed my newly altered portrait pack, installed successfully. Edited the Roster I use to match correct numbers.

4. Used NBA ModTool to open portrait.iff, clicked Import, found my modded .dds, imported successfully.

5. Fail.

I know I'm screwing something stupid up.. I've learned how to do this on my own screwing around for a few days, and I was planning on eventually writing some kind of newb guide on how to do this because I haven't really seen any cohesive guides on this (or I suck at Google). Any help would be appreciated, and if for some reason you are in need of a Hunter Pence Giants portrait, please take it.


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Sorry for the spam, but I figured it out and got it down now. If anyone else gets stuck with this and can't siphon an answer out of the previous threads, I can try to help.

Side note - I'm aware of MLB Pressbox for high-res photos, and I'm positive someone out there has a mirror or even recent archives. If someone here could provide high-res photos with equal dimensions for conversion, I would be willing to trade my leet GIMP skills if you need images, portraits, instruction, whatever.

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What was your issue harken? One problem after creating is trying import them with TIT. You first need to import into mod tooll then back out. Otherwise the images are slightly off for importing and the images ghost in the game.

Basically that was the issue. Wasn't re-exporting them and THEN doing the portrait 7zip - I was pretty effin' happy when I got it done though.. all for one portrait for my dear Giants

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