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The Walking Dead


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Anyone else watching this? What a great show so far.

I'm really liking how this season is starting to shape up, most definitely moving quicker than last season. I enjoyed this last episode with the Governor; the dynamics between him and Merle (who we know to be a complete bad ass) really showed how powerful the Governor actually is in this community. Seeing Merle subdued (in any circumstance) was something I never thought would be played out.

That said, and if you've watched the previews for this coming week's episode, "someone" sets off the alarm at the prison to obviously attract the walkers and bring havoc to Rick and the group. IMO, at least, I think it's whoever was watching Carol (from outside the prison) perform the C-Section on the walker. I think it would be too easy to assume it's the other prisoners that Rick exiled to a different part of the prison, and that said, wouldn't that attract the walkers to them too?

With that opinion in mind, I can't for the life of me figure out who it was in the bushes, and for what reason they would try to take out the group.

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