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Offseason Algorithm


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I apologize if this is in the wrong section but it is related to dynasties.

I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how the computer determines point increases/decreases during the offseason.

Is it based on the players performance duinr the off-season or is it randomly generated based on their potential?

Thanks for the input

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EDIT: GAH! I thought I was in an MLB2k12 forum! SORRY! I'm going to leave this here though because it took so long to type. :) Please note, though, that I'm talking about 2K12 here.


The in-game manual mentions that the player's performance during the just-concluded season affects his stat adjustments. And it's also affected by where he is currently in relation to his possible maximum Overall rating, represented by his 1 to 5 stars in-game. I've also noticed that a player's age relative to his peak performance years starting age comes into play. For example:

You can use TYWiggins' editor to see the max Overall rating a player can get to. So let's assume a 20 year old player has his max performance years start at age 24. Let's asssume his current Overall rating is 60 and his max potential is 80. He has 4 years to gain 20 points, so he would gain in all his stats to gain a maximum of about 5 Overall points a year. This is modified by his performance above or below his expected perormance for the year just ended AND a good bit of randomness.

Now, if the player instead had the same setup but with his peak performance years starting at 21, he would have only one year (in theory) to gain those 20 points, so he would probably gain more stat bonuses in the off-season.

I've noticed (with only a little observation) that players' stats don't move much during their peak performance years. I had originally thought that's when they would grow the most, but I'm pretty certain that is not the case. Instead, they ramp up til the start of their peak performance years and then pretty much flatline. I've also noticed that hitters' hitting and pitchers' pitching seem to move quite a bit more than either's fielding or running stats but haven't made any sort of test to verify if that's true across the board.

Have you noticed that the program spends 4 or 5 data fields on a player's happiness - play for winner, playing time, salary, etc? This seems to show up at salary negotiation time - though for a new draftee, playing time would be an unknown. Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me if those data fields were some small part of the equation for stats calculations. Probably not, though it *should* determine the likelihood of a player retiring or resigning (and at what salary) when his contract is up.

I'd also be happy to hear from anyone who has done some analysis of this.

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