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Chicago: Mvp Baseball 2005 For Sale


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Just recently bought a PS3, then MLB 13 The Show on its release date. Willing to part with my copy of MVP 2005, complete with both disks and its original jewel case for $25.00. I have had MVP since it was new, but used a program called Game Jackal to emulate my cd drive, So the only time I used the disks was for the occassional reinstall or for conversion mods. Did not use the disk to play the game. I am making this offer to a Chicago area baseball fan who can meet me in the Loop to make the exchange. Don't matter if you are a Cubs or White Sox fan because I like both teams. I would like to avoid having to ship it somewhere. I am sure The Show 13 is what MVP would have been if it had continued. So, if interested, respond, we will set it up and make the exchange, pubicly in the Loop. $25.00, price is firm. No auction, no dickering.

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You still have it? and r you willing to ship the game, because i don't live in Chicago?

Ok... but it'll cost you. Just kidding. Since my original post, I have found the original box and instruction manual. The box has the original Best Buy price tag. Yes, I still have it and the deal is the same. If you are willing to send me a cashier's check or money order for $25.00 plus a self-addressed shipping envelope with postage paid for me to ship it back to you, it's yours. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, as I played it from the beginning.

Let me know. This is legitimate. Just trying to share the love of baseball from one fan to another. No personal checks, please. Send me your email address if this is agreeable and I will supply you with the necessary information.

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I've got a copy of MVP2005 if someone wants it's I will give it to them. I've got enough freebie stuff here so the cost is zip,nothing,zero. I'm sure with all the stuff I've downloaded here I'm way ahead and it's not doing nothing with me since I only play MLB12K.

Just shoot me your address and I will send it to you.

NOTE- if you already have a copy please don't ask for it, I hope it will be someone who wants to play it and enjoy it rather than resell it.

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