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  1. Done all that... Everything was going great, played the first game of a two game series and clicked to play the second game and it will not let me go any further, it crashes to desktop. I have injuries on but my roster is set at 25 players and I have not created any players. The Cardinals roster is complete also but they are CPU controlled.
  2. I play as the Astros and when the schedule hit the second game with the Cardinals in late June it crashes to desktop. I've tried everything I know as to what to do but no success. So.... I guess I'm through playing this year because of a schedule conflict that's causing this corruption. I was using the BSU roster that was put out just as this season began. Has anyone using the Astros found this happen to them also? Yes, it does use last years schedule just for a FYI.
  3. At best it's a random thing. I've had it happen a few times and it's just happens when you least expect it. I use the simplified batting, just push the bottom button and at times it will happen if I stop it, but maybe 5% of the time???maybe that much.
  4. Thisisouryear, I mailed the game out Friday, so you should get it sometimes next week. Enjoy it.........
  5. I sent you a message back. I will get this out to you hopefully tomorrow. I hope you enjoy playing it and all the new updated stuff these great guys do to keep that game alive.
  6. I've got a copy of MVP2005 if someone wants it's I will give it to them. I've got enough freebie stuff here so the cost is zip,nothing,zero. I'm sure with all the stuff I've downloaded here I'm way ahead and it's not doing nothing with me since I only play MLB12K. Just shoot me your address and I will send it to you. NOTE- if you already have a copy please don't ask for it, I hope it will be someone who wants to play it and enjoy it rather than resell it.
  7. Not to be a guy that wants to kill a sell here, but Ive got a copy for the PC two disc case that I will give to anyone that wants to play it for free. I do not play it anymore and if someone that does play it and will get some use for it, thats better than it setting in a box here. Just give me your address and I will send it you way. I would rather have someone enjoy the game than make a small amount of money on it. This site has done so much to keep all these games alive for free, I might as well jump on that bandwagon to. I only play MLB12K now and have gotten way more from this site as
  8. Best I remember I started using this roster set because it had the Astros and schedule for this year in it. From there I made all the transactions myself and went through the minor leagues and made as many of the well known or good monor league players in this roster.
  9. Raider, I D/L your portrait file but my roster is the roster which was posted here from the ported MLB 2k13 game and the picture ID's do not match up.
  10. ....and the home folder is? Under Kraw tools or do you put the installer in your MLB12k folder then click it from there?
  11. I know last year we had a guy that did all the portrait updates and he did the portrait IFF file and all we had to do was put that into our 2K main folder. I guess asking this to Kraw here, can you do this step for us with all your new 2013 portraits you have done? I'm having huge problems with your installer 1.2. Once I run the setup it pops open a window and it will never leave until I have to delete the entire program and do a restart on my computer o clear that box off my computer.
  12. I D/l version 1.2, then D/L the Artlanta Braves portriats. I click to install your installer and then it just keeps popping up on my desktop screen and it wqill not go away. I have mark it for the programs file 86X MLB2k folder but all i get is a screen that ask for what file do you want and it never accpets any file. Could you givem a step by step on how to use this program to install these portriats, thanks.
  13. how do you install thes, I D./L the installer, but it does noting but stay on my desktop, I cannot delte it
  14. The problem I am having is now the Texas Rangers are not in the game, the Astros filled that slot, then in the NL central there is a blank.
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