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Mlb All Star Game 2013 Package


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File Name: MLB All star game 2013 package

File Submitter: WundaBreadz

File Submitted: 13 Mar 2013

File Category: Miscellaneous

This download is meant for those with the 2013 schedule. This package currently includes the All Star Game logo for 2013 for the franchise,career,etc selection screen and a updated version of Citifield with the 2013 All Star Game Logos displayed.

Just extract the files to your MLB2k12 folder replacing the old files. Enjoy!

Click here to download this file

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WB, will this work with the regular 2k schedule or just the 2013 schedule that is being tested on here? can you just use your all-star stadium file and replace the stadium the is generated at random in franchise mode ?

Great job by the photos by the way.

I put this on your file download but thought maybe I am supposed to ask the question here on your thread. Sorry for the double post.

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Great. Thank you for getting back to me. At least now even without having the new 2013 schedule they are working on here to perfect, we can have the AS game in the correct city in franchise mode.

Thanks for your help with this and your work to make it happen.

Also, thanks for all the work you are doing with the new roster project. I have been following your project and have tried your updates. They look great.

Thanks again my friend.

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WB. I just did download your new update. I loaded the with schedule roster in game and the game froze trying to get back to the home screen. I renamed the file and tried it again with the same results. i haven't tried the without roster but haven't had a problem with the other versions.

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