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Mega Portrait Pack 2K13


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File Name: Mega Portrait Pack 2K13

File Submitter: raidersbball20

File Submitted: 10 Apr 2013

File Category: Portraits

**UPDATED 5/21/13** Includes ALL MLB Portraits for 5/18/13 wudl83 roster(Its ID numbers)

Mega Portrait Pack 2K13 for latest wudl83 roster. Every player should have correct portrait for the MLB rosters. I will update throughout the season as the rosters are updated as I did last year. Currently there are 917 portraits in the pack. If I missed anyone or there are any requests please message me under this topic in the forums. I used all 2013 pressbox photos this year unless I did not have the option. Just unzip, overwrite files, and enjoy!

Click here to download this file

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hey Raiders,

since I got 2K12 your portraits fills my game nicely. And since you released last September an update based on a 2K Roster you uploaded, all my off-season transfers, players created, customized ratings + accessories were built around that roster.

But nowadays I have a dilemma: match your new updates with my different ID

Do you have any idea how can I know the ID numbers to mannually put your .dds files in my roster/portrait.iff?

Both REDitor and Ty's tool doesn't show the ID properly.

Send me a light 'bro!

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