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2K13 Stadium Pack


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File Name: 2k13 Stadium Pack

File Submitter: dennisjames71

File Submitted: 14 Apr 2013

File Category: Stadiums

MLB 2K13 Stadium Pack

Here are some updates to 19 Stadium with changes to reflect the 2013 season. Most stadiums have minor changes of a few ads (like some of the new Budweiser signs) and the removal of last year's anniversary signs and adding them to these 2013 versions.

Some of the most evident changes are in the Minute Maid Park where I added the new Astros logos and signage, plus subtle changes such as the new flags I redid from scratch in the outfield and re-coloring the "Astros" sign in center-field. Kauffman Stadium also has quite a few changes in signage too.

All of these stadiums includes kccitystar's tremendous texturing/sky/grass work he did last year, which was the most dramatic improvement I've ever seen to these stadiums. Also, you'll see a lot of DonSpa's great work on ads & signage in addition to mine.

Just drop these files into your main game directory and enjoy these for the 2013 season.







-Kansas City



-NY Mets

-NY Yankees



-San Francisco

-St. Louis

-Tampa Bay





Click here to download this file

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