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How Do I Create Portraits For Mlb 2K12


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and MVP

Glad you asked

Inside the RAR file is a EXE that unpacks a Photoshop action and my portrait making utility in c:portraits


For this tutorial to work you have to use the default MLB.com pressbox file names for player portraits. This tool is the best way to make MVP portraits because it generates the DXT5 images required for 2x MVP portrait at a much higher quality rate than MVPedit or any other portrait utility that uses nfshtool.exe including my MVP Portrait Maker

For a tool that does not rely on MLB.com naming system but still accepts files from the tutorial HERE

You might want a way to install MLB 2k12 DDS portrait files HERE. Use Total Installer Thingy for MVP portrait files

Install the action file found at "c:portraitsPortrait.atn" (I just double click it while photoshop is running and it installs)

Make your magic wand setting match this


Use the crop tool and well crop the image


Notice how the Cross is at the center of his nose, do that. Top of the hat to the neck is what you want the sides to not matter just make sure you have a lot of it, the action will cut off the extra

Use the magic wand and click it on the background


Notice how it is not all selected, hold SHIFT down and click a section that was not got, repeat until you have it all


Now it is all selected, run the action


The action creates a 512x512 TGA files and saves it in "c:portraitsTGA", It also create an alpha channel in that TGA image. When the action finishes is close out the image (your original is undamaged)

When you have all the portraits done you want to do go and run "TGA_to_portraits.exe" found at "c:portraitsTGA". This little piece of magic converts the TGA image into a 256x256 FSH for MVP with the correct MVP ID & it creates a 512x512 DDS file for MLB 2k12 with the correct MLB filename

This is done by using a CSV (c:portraitsTGAALL-FTW.csv) file that contains the mlb.com ID along with that players MVP & MLB 2k12 IDs

I have included an ODS version (open office spread sheet) of the file ("c:portraitsALL-FTW.ods") if you want to update and add more players. Right now it includes every player 2k had listed in a MLB 2k13 ROS file and every MVP player that was listed on the sheet in kyleb's ID list that also had mlb.com IDs. It has 2405 players listed

Here is what it looks like


Add anyone needed and save it as a CSV file and replace the one in the "c:portraitsTGA" folder

For players with long hair view this video on how to deal with it

when done copy the alpha mask to an alpha channel and save as a 512x512 TGA 32bit, you want the same file name as mlb.com just a TGA instead of JPG. save it to the "c:portraitsTGA" folder

If you need help with "copy the alpha mask to an alpha channel" I can post images later

I hope this tutorial makes sense and came out in English, good luck

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