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2013 Post Season Logos


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IDK If you figured it out yet but here you go... I Copied and pasted from the original File Post:

You should make backups of the following IFF files and then copy the ones in this download to your main MLB 2K12 folder:
-- alcs_wipe.iff
-- nlcs_wipe.iff
-- world_series.iff
-- world_series_wipe.iff

All "slot numbers" refer to the locations where images can be found using the MLB/NBA Mod Tool.
For each of the following, it is suggested that before you import the new file, you export the existing one with the Mod Tool and save it to a safe location on your computer just for backup purposes.
World Series 1 goes in slot 116 of the largelogos2d.iff file.
World Series 2 goes in slot 116 of the mediumlogos2d.iff file.
World Series 3 goes in slot 116 of the smalllogos2d.iff file.
Post-Season 1 goes in slot 140 of the largelogos2d.iff file.
Post-Season 2 goes in slot 140 of the mediumlogos2d.iff file.
Post-Season 3 goes in slot 140 of the smalllogos2d.iff file.
Post-Season 4 goes in slot 86.43 of the frontend_sync.iff file.
Opening Day 2013 goes in slot 86.41 of the frontend_sync.iff file.

The included folder 2013 Field Logos contains the images for each individual stadium with the Mod Tool slot number in the filename. For example, open the stadium_ard.iff file with the Mod Tool, Export the image in slot 3.01 to a safe location for backup purposes, and then Import the ard 3.01.dds file from this download into that location. Repeat the process for each stadium.
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