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Online Working?


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The past few months when I start my game up, it doesn't load too much (maybe the settings, roster, etc), but the other day it checked my internet connection and then showed 30+ players online. The box showing players online is usually empty for me. Was online working the other day or was this just a random occurrence?

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I noticed the same thing a few days ago. I have never played this game online before. When I tried to access it, it kicked me to the demo matchup of Cards vs. Rangers. I don't think that it was really working for me, but I was able to access 2kshare and look at rosters.

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I know the first time you play online, you have to do a 'Benchmark Test' first. The benchmark test is just you watching a game between the Cards and Rangers. It measures your performance or something.

I'm glad this also happened to someone else. Who knows, maybe the lobbies will work again sometime.

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