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2K12 Mods For 2K11 ?


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After several frustrating attempts to play 2k12 via an apparent bad disk and then via DL from Steam,the game is now freezing up usually in the 1st inning when the game hones in on a player. The question is can you use the various mods from 2k12 to work in 11?

Also if I ever get the Steam version to work , where does the roster file go? 2k11 isn't bad but I prefer 2k12 for the better mods and updates. Thanks for any help.

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An update. I'm still getting the freezing animation locking up the game. I can save and restart at that point , but it will eneviably freeze again. In hurry up mode this doesn't happen. My question is there a specific animation .iff file that could be altered of deleted to keep this from occurring?

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