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I'm in the process of making default portraits for players who don't have a portrait, switched teams and don't have a new portrait or you think have a crappy portrait. It'll feature the team logo in place of the portrait. The only problem is that you'll need to switch the portrait ID for it to show up. This is very easy to do:

Go to your roster location

Open "attrib.dat" with WordPad

Find slot 16. It will look something like this: 0fff0caf7,0 David,1 Aardsma,2 53,3 0,4 0,5 10,6 0,7 28,8 105,9 29,10 50,11 0,12 0,13 4,14 5,15 1,16 2522,17 1,18 2,19 5,20 0,21 4,22 43,23 4,24 4,25 12

The number after "16" is the photo/audio ID and is typically the official one. You'd have to change it to the correct number for the given team corresponding to the new default number. When an ID is updated for a given player and you want it in game, you'll need to change it back. This may not change the ID once a season has started..... not sure.

I've got about a third of the teams done at this point.



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Interesting, good idea. I wish I had the time to learn how to do portraits & cyberface to help out. I will learn how eventually for my own benefit at the very least. But until my work schedule dies down a bit, the time is just not there. Great idea though.

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