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Is There A Specific Sabremetric Stat That Differentiates By Innings:

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I know there are tons of specialized sabremetric stats like BABIP, WAR(P), or ERA+ (which are all cool & provide very intriguing data and information at times), but I'm wondering if there is one that is perhaps even more specialized. Is there a sabremetric stat that perhaps deliniates batting average for BOTH innings (say innings 7+) & resulting in HRs, 2Bs, or 3Bs in comparison to other occurrences.

For example, Carlos Gomez's BA in the last three innings (innings 7+), when he hits strictly HRs and NOTHING else, or I suppose you could say his batting average from innings 7 on, when he doesn't hit a homerun (however you want to pose the scenario). The point being a SABR stat that takes into account a player's or team's batting average, inning(s) status, and specific hit(s) occurrences in relation to others or specifically to the one occurrence(s)?

I hope my example or wording isn't too confusing, as I realize it is sort of "wordy" and uses some rather awkward language that usually isn't native to usual statistical analysis...

Thanks Sincerely,

Joe W. <vbprogjoe>


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