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Dodgers@D-backs crash


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Hi everyone!

I have an odd issue with game crashing and I´d like to have some help. I started new franchise with Marlins an I´ve played four games of regular season without any problems. Now when I´m trying to start game two of Rays series the game just throws me into my desktop without any message. I traced the problem to Dodgers@Diamondbacks game by simulating every game after my Marlins game individually, and every time I try to simulate that game, the game crashes. I didn´t notice any odd things in either team rosters. Also the game allows me to play that Dodgers@D-backs match, but when the match is finished and I try to go to the franchise mode menu the game crashes and I´m back on my desktop.


Has anyone had similar problems? Any help would be appreciated!


Greetings from Finland!

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My guess its related to michael morse as you are using the Marlins.  Per BSU-FAN:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I have discovered an issue with Michael Morse which can cause a franchise to crash if you don't have him up on a MLB squad when starting the regular season of a franchise. If he is in FA or the minors when the regular season starts in franchise mode your game will crash after the world series is over. This happens with all rosters on MLB2K12 including the default 2K rosters. That is why this roster has Michael Morse up on the MLB squad(even though he is currently on the 15 day DL in real life) and the Marlins have 26 men on their MLB squad. Once the regular season starts you can send Morse without any issues.

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