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how to throw infield


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so I am playing this game now for 2 weeks, and I learned all basic things through tutorials on youtube, but I couldn't find anything on throws specially from infield players. I keep getting the most easiest short throws put into the stadium. I have no idea what should I do there? tap the b button (for short base 1 throw?), should I go for maximum power, that doesnt make sense? something between? I tried all these things and its too frustrating, if I put slider to 50 infield errors, its unplayable, if I put it to 10 I will still make these silly throws, which will cost me the game. So can anyone give me tips what should I do ? On the other hand I don't have much problems with long throws, and they have higher probabilty to succeed? is there some other button I need to press for very short throw?

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well I understand these. I tried to use RS but its the same as B button. I just don't understand in what position am I supposed to put my infield player before throwing short ball? Should he keep moving? should he stop? and then i tap B button for the short throw? Is just tapping B the right option? or am I supposed to depress B when the slider is on yellow, green, red?

it just seems so random what will happen. I tried to slow down the player put him in perfect position to pass then tap B and he would suddenly go in full power throw mode.... well sometimes it would work for no reason, but most of the time I feel like I have no control over what is happening here. and surely I must be doing something wrong. Sorry guys I never played any baseball games before. And I didnt even know the rules till 2 weeks ago but I enjoy the sport now, watching and playing but this is something I can't figure out. 

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