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MLB 2K12 Batting Stances--2016


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Since I can't come across any MODs for the Xbox 360 version; I have been doing everything by hand; the long way. Granted, it's not all perfect, and I'm not close to being done yet....but I was wondering if someone would be able to provide a list of every 2016 Batting Stance for every team's MLB Roster.


Please, any help on this would be great.

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Yeah, I know, and it sucks. I have literally created every player from scratch, except for those who are already on the game. I have gone and made sure they are all on the correct teams. Now, I'm editing their abilities, and the only thing I have to use is Daddy Leagues who has abilities for MLB 16 The Show, and the abilities are set up differently. Then, I have to come up with Batting Stances...ridiculous how much time I have to spend on this just because 2k decides to pull their content off the server....they act like people don't want to play older games...when I popped this game in, I had forgotten how amazing the graphics and hitting are....hands down one of the greatest baseball games that I have ever played.

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