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Cant make my player mode work


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I had mlb y2k 11 on ps3.  I liked the overall game but loved my player mode.  I could choose catcher as my position, set up everything else and boom, I am playing catcher with the Corpus Christi Hooks. Recently the ps3 bit the dust. I was given a Wii console so found mlby2k13 and nothing is the same.  Once I create a player, I don't know if I am supposed to put player on a team or on free agency.  It doesn't seem to matter because every player I create gets put into free agency anyway.  Once a created my player ends up in free agency which is every time, I have no idea how to actually put him on any team.  Please help me make Wii Y2k12 feel like PS3 Y2k11.

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if you look you can get aone for  fiar rpice. theyve dropping slowly. i would think even more now the new xbox is out. that should ps3 and four down to try gets sales


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