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new here, help me get set up with fantasy draft

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I'm brand new, but excited about the possibilities of playing MVP baseball with different season rosters, just found out about this!

So here's what I'm interested in...running a fantasy draft in dynasty mode. Ideally, I want to try out a late 80's season, when I was a kid and a huge fan. Just at a quick reading it looks like I may have trouble with this given that there are too many teams. Is there a way to run a fantasy draft? It looks like there's a 1988 classic mod, that would work great.

The alternative is I'd be looking for the most current mod possible. Though I'd like to do the 88 one if there's a way to do it without a bunch of current players sneaking in.

Please help point me in the right direction, thanks!

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I got the 1988 classic up and running. Since I couldn't run an actual fantasy draft through the game, I came up with an alternate way to come up with my team and still keep it somewhat balanced. Granted, the team I ended up with is definitely a great team, so maybe even this was too lenient, but I suck at the game so it balances out anyway, lol. Plus I'm having a ton of fun with it. Anyway, here's what I did:

I allowed myself to 'draft' one player from each team in the league (26 teams, 25 players on a team so one team I didn't get a player from.) The trick is I could only take one player at each spot in the batting order, each position in the starting lineup, and each place in the pitching rotation.

So for instance, I took McGwire from the A's so no more A's, no more cleanup hitters, or 1st basemen starter. My 5 backup hitters/fielders had to be guys not in the starting lineup. Anyway it was a fun way to sort of draft my own team. Got Franco, Greenwell, Puckett, McGwire, Bo, let's see who else...BJ Surhoff, Dunston, Gruber...pitching rotation includes Nolan Ryan, Fernando Valenzuela and a young John Smoltz.

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