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Homerun Distance


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Hi there,


I'm actually not sure if this is in the right place, so moderators - please move if I made a mistake, thank you.

Also, I'm not sure if this is fixable either, but I'll ask and hopefully receive an answer.

I personally find that homerun distances aren't very realistic. I sometimes hit 2-3 (and up to 5) homeruns a game (rarely none - no homeruns). Often times, you'll get that really good "crack" sound, where you absolutely know you smoked the ball hard, no doubter, player flips the bat and starts walking, but the ball will only hit the very first deck (in Rogers Center, for example), 374 - 395 feet. I don't know any players that will crack a ball 375 feet and start walking to first base...

I'm talking that these are no doubters, you fully connected with the ball, no resistance, just pure homerun swing... but I can NEVER EVER get the ball over maybe 417 feet. Not like in a HR Derby where I max out at about 498 feet (still haven't hit a 500 footer). I play this game a lot, it's not my timing, I use the power swing (pull back, push forward) and still, my hitters hit a homerun and act like it was a no doubter all along, only for it to clear the wall by 10 feet.

My question is this, is there a way to make homeruns travel further. I'm sure the game's AI calculates that it's a homerun before the fielders start moving, but even they seem to know it's gone when it just clears the top of the wall. I want to hit a good 460 footer a few times a season with my power hitters, but so far, nothing over 420 feet.

Note: I do not want to make the game easier, I play on hardest difficulty, and want to keep it that way. 


Thanks a lot,



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I asked a similar question in the 2k17 thread:

Homerun distance seeming really low. I don't think I've EVER hit a ball over 430 feet according to the popup. However, I have maxed power and the sliders all the way up. I have hit some nearly out of Wrigley before and definitely into the streets in left field. But the most the game ever calls it is 420ft. I hit a 228ft homerun off the foul pole in Minute Maid the other day which makes me suspicious about whether HR distance is accurate at all, or if fly balls are just neutered in this game. I wanna hit BOMBS, man! And if this stuff isn't true, any reason why I can't hit 450+ ft bombs?

And received this answer from scottybilly that I'd have to agree with:

Home run distances are a joke but there is no feasible way to change that despite maxing out on power/hitting sliders.


As I said, I hit a 228 ft homerun which all but guarantees the distances are very far off. (I might upload a picture of this later, tho I took it on my phone to send to my friend on Snapchat and its a bit hard to tell.) Not to mention that I have hit balls bouncing out of Wrigley in left center (which was very satisfying as a Cards fan). At this point I don't really care and just assume when it's more like 500 than 400ft :p


For the record tho, I do usually hit 3-4 500 footers during HR Derbies. It seems distance isn't broken there for some reason. I believe the furthest I hit was 510. 

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this has actually been an issue with numerous baseball games over the years when home run distances are ridiculously high for homerun derbys but very low and inaccurate for actual games, Remember the Triple Play series? you could routinely hit homeruns over 600 +feet, especially in Colorado in the homerun derby.

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