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Ok, so I am working on editing the latest U-Machines Indians home's to have the red socks like they have been playing in for a couple of seasons. I used a different #5 dds that had the red socks, Nats I think, and basically copy/ pasted the corners with the needed content over on to the Indians uni files and saved and re-imported. It worked, but the old navy bled through from distance, so I found that I had to use MIP's. That worked and the unis look great...except now some details like the various patches on the jersey's are black! I think they are on a different file in the .iff and are meant to "show through", but I seem to have screwed that up somehow. Did I miss something or should I just paint the socks instead of pasting others or what?

Any help would be appreciated, but I just couldn't find anything I could understand in the tutorials and threads I found through searches...

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