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My Player freezing during spring training


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Hello all, first time posting as I am desperate to try and figure this out. I have had this happen with at two of my "My Players" careers (one as a SS, other P). I finish the Minor league season and am called up to the Majors where I finish out the year, off season, and then start spring training. Once I get to Sunday February 24th, it locks up and freezes. As I mentioned, it has happened on two different careers and always on 2/24. I've scoured the postings and have tried a couple of ideas, but have had no luck. I've tried different rosters (even though I don't think you can change any rosters in the My Player once it has been started), I've changed the date on the computer to see if that would help (no luck). I've tried to SIM past that day from a few days before, and have also played every game up to that date...still locks up at 2/24. I tried a complete wipe and re-install with no mods and with no luck, I've tried loading it on different computers to no avail (so not likely a hardware problem). I've gone back to a previous save and attempted to get past the date but it didn't work. I'm playing on an authentic PC DVD. 


If you need me to provide any other information, just ask.


I'm desperate here, if anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you for all you guys do!!! 




P.S. I included the CMG file so if anyone wants to troubleshoot or can get it to work, I'd appreciate it.



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Hey all, I know everyone is busy but I wanted to check and see if anyone has any ideas on what I need to do. Is there something I'm missing, forgetting, or not taking into account? If someone is able to d/l the file and even just progress it past where I am getting stuck, that would be more than enough. 


Thanks for letting me renew this post and for any assistance that people can offer.



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