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MVPedit and removing SP1

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I had found out by accident in the past that if you simply moved the SP1 pitcher from any team using MVPedit instead of substituting him first, it seemed to add in a ghost player.  This meant that if you had a full 25 man squad, it was actually reading it as 26 and you couldn't export.   It took an act of Congress to find that ghost player by cross referencing numbers in the .dat files.... quite the pain in the ass.


Today I thought I would run into it again as when working on trade deadline rosters, I meant to move the Reds' catcher, Casili and accidentally moved Castillo, who is the Reds SP1.  However, I never moved to another team as I caught the mistake right away.  So I moved Castillo immediately back to the Reds and moved him back up to the SP1 spot (which was occupied since all the pitchers then move up 1 slot).  With a 25 man squad, the Reds were not showing any errors in the check errors option.  The ultimate test will be when I get the rosters completely balanced, but I think as long as you catch this and don't switch teams, you can avoid this potential problem.



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