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Indians Dynasty


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i just started year two of the indians in my dynasty. the previous year seen cleveland get division, and win the world series. and increasing my budget another $15.1 million. here is my current team and last years stats:


c.c. sabathia (33G, 12-5, 4.63 ERA, 168 K)

kevin millwood (33G, 13-1, 3.58 ERA, 133 K)

zach day (32G, 8-12, 4.75 ERA, 142 K) (nationals MLB)

david bush (18G, 4-0, 5.09 ERA, 66 K)

adam loewen (15G, 4-4, 2.81 ERA, 72 K) (buffalo AAA)


rafael betencourt (30G, 7-1, 1 SV, 6.97 ERA, 21 K)

brandon league (49G, 17-3, 0 SV, 3.87 ERA, 68 K)

jose capallen (23 G, 7-0, 1 SV, 3.34 ERA, 50 K)

fernando cabrera (40G, 2-4, 4 SV, 2.36 ERA, 52 K) (buffalo AAA)

brandon puffer (63G, 6-6, 0 SV, 5.22 ERA, 60 K) (giants MLB)

abe alvarez (43G, 1-2, 32 SV, 2.47 ERA, 38 K)

bob wickman (50G, 18-3, 7 SV, 2.53 ERA, 80 K)

batting lineup

CF coco crisp (155G, .320 AVG, 22 HR, 83 RBI, 37 SB)

LF grady sizemore (124G, .276 AVG, 21 HR, 81 RBI, 11 SB) (buffalo AAA)

SS cody bown (162G, .395 AVG, 94 HR, 285 RBI, 63 SB)

DH travis hafner (146G, .346 AVG, 38 HR, 110 RBI)

C victor martinez (133G, .300 AVG, 14 HR, 87 RBI)

1B luis a. gonzalez (98G, .330 AVG, 20 HR, 75 RBI)

2B ron belliard (148G, .274 AVG, 16 HR, 87 RBI)

3B rickie weeks (112G, .291 AVG, 6 HR, 62 RBI, 10 SB)

RF alexis rios (131G, .331 AVG, 13 HR, 63 RBI)


C josh bard (40G, .319 AVG, 1 HR, 19 RBI)

RF jody gerut (140G, .307 AVG, 22 HR, 98 RBI)

RF franklin gutierrez (136G, .248 AVG, 16 HR, 61 RBI) (buffalo AAA)

in the offseason i lost scott elarton. and... i think thats it..

um. note that: luis a. gonzalez, rickie weeks, jose capallen, brandon league, alexis rios, david bush, and adam loewen were picked up at the beginning of the season or less that 50 games into the season.

i wish i kept more of last years stats. sorry.

more will develope as the season goes on. thanks!

(ps. playing in pro on xbox, cody bown is me)

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i played the first 8 games and didn't take stats, heres how it went:




TB 5-0 CLE

TB 9-7 CLE

CLE 6-6 TB



-----------------5-3 record.

game 9

cleveland at oakland

sabathia vs blanton

m.kotsay hits solo hr in bottom 1st.

a.rios hits solo hr in top 6th.

w.ortiz hits 2 run hr in 8th to win the game.


sabathia- 7IP, 5K (L)

boehringer- 0.2IP, 1K (W)

dotel- 1IP, 1K, (S)

game 10

texas at cleveland

k.rogers vs k.millwood

bot 1st- cody bown hits 2 run hr.

bot 2nd- rickie weeks hits solo hr.

top 4th- rickie weeks throwing error scores 1.

top 4th- richard hidalgo rbi base hit.

top 5th- rickie weeks throwing error keeps 2 out inning alive.

bot 5th- fernando cabrera warms up.

bot 5th- grady sizemore hits solo hr.

bot 5th- travis hafner rbi sac hit.

top 6th- fernando cabrera comes in.

bot 6th- luis a. gonzalez reaches 2nd on error, tears knee meniscus on the play, out for 48 days.

bot 6th- franklin gutierrez replaces gonzalez.

bot 7th- victor martinez singles with bases loaded, bown out at third.

bot 7th- steve reed relieves kenny rogers.

bot 8th- grady sizemore sac fly scores a run.

bot 8th- coco crisp caught stealing.

top 9th- rickie weeks throwing error keeps game going.

w- k.millwood (4K)

l- k.rogers (0K)

s- f.cabrera (4K)


to avoid more throwing errors i have moved weeks to first base while gonzalez is hurt, franklin gutierrez moves from bench to third base.

HR leaders:

cody bown- 5

grady sizemore- 3

after first 10 games of the season: 6-4 second in division.

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I like your team. Looks like Dave Bush is doing well for your team. :wink:

When I get my game and start with the Jays... I want to somehow get CC...

i love the sox, love the jays. had to have something from both. bush sucked it up playing for me. he (i) blew too many games keeping him in longer than he should..

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game 11

kevin millwood was far from descent giving up alot of walks and hits, good thinkg texas never capitalized. brandon league came in and got the win. cleveland hit single after single after single to take a 7-2 win over texas


right before game 12 versus texas, the cleveland indians made a trade:

to cleveland

(SP) johan santana

(SP) kyle waldrop

*(RP) brent grabowski

to twins

(SP) cc sabathia

*(SP) adam miller

(RP) jack cressand

*denotes prospect.

game 12

texas at cleveland

s.erickson vs z.day

bot 1- hafner rbi single

bot 1- martinez 3 run hr

bot 1- belliard solo hr

bot 2- crisp solo hr

bot 2- bown solo hr

bot 2- e.bedard replaces s.erickson

bot 4- weeks solo hr

bot 6- gutierrez solo hr

bot 6- weeks steals second base

bot 6- rios hits rbi single

bot 6- rios caught stealing

10-0 final.

W- zach day 11K

L- scott erickson 0k

game 13

texas at cleveland

a.heilman vs d.bush

bot 1- bown rbi single

bot 1- bown steals second base

top 2- aubrey huff hits solo hr

bot 3- sizemore hbp

bot 5- crisp rbi single

bot 6- hafner solo hr

bot 6- gutierrez caught stealing

bot 6- weeks rbi double

bot 6- crisp 3 run hr

bot 6- rick mcrae replaces heilman

bot 7- bown steals second base

bot 7- martinez rbi sac hit

bot 8- crisp 2 rbi single

bot 8- bown 3 run hr

bot 8- s.reed replaces r.mcrae

W-d.bush 7K

L- a.heilman 1K


after 13 games, sitting 10-3.

HR leaders:

1. bown 7

2. sizemore 3

3. weeks 2

4. crisp 2

5. 5 tied at 1.

up next: oakland

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i started an owners mode with the tribe on PS2 since my computer is in the shop getting fixed , i must say that the indians have a pretty good line up. I am currently 1-4 with a crappy pitching staff and nearly no offense, but i hope to turn things around . any pointers to help me improve would be greatly appericated.

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