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SX file Error

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Here's a new one for ya...I already did a search on the site to no avail.  This morning I thought that I'd go ahead and redo my player audio dat files for my 1971 since I worked around the "Palmer name thing".  I NEVER had a problem before now all of a sudden I'm getting the attached SX file error when I'm creating the dat files.  I even went in and got the 3 files from Homers tutorial that I needed (mosx, sx, & mosxdat) and pasted over the others to NO avail.  I've used Homers tutorial for years to create these.  I never had any trouble with creating player & stadium names dats before.  I attached the screen shot of the error for ya. BTW, the work around that I did with the wrong jersey name was, to start at 1001 instead of 0001 for the beginning of my rosters.  I usually start with the AL since I liked the Orioles & A's back then and then do by winning percentages from there on...for example in 1971:  Orioles, A's, Tigers, Royals, Red Sox, Yankees, White Sox, etc.




PS:  I already just did a batch of the Orioles right before this happened...that's why I'm totally confused of why this came up.  Both Jim825 & Ballfour were stumped so I'm tossing "my ugly hat" into the ring here for any potential "owners"...LOL.  Does anybody think that it could be a hardware issue?


PS2:  I thought that I'd try to copy all my 1971 sound files, etc., over to my old Windows XP 64bit pc.  I then tried to do like I did in the few years past and yesterday morning...follow Homers audio tutorial to the letter.  Guess what...it worked perfect.  There must be a problem with my Windows 7 with either the hardware and/or software.  Would anybody have any ideas???  Thanks in advance!


03/04/20  12:49pm est.




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Addendum to prior explanation.

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